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Ultimate Mind Music – Attract Wealth – Free Listen

On July 1rst 2012 we launched a new line of products we have chosen to call “Ultimate Mind Music” These audios combine the power of Super Mind Music with everything we know about reprogramming our minds for Highest Health, Healthy Relationships, Greatest Success, and much more.

These audios are powerful – and they are different – and we are so passionate about wanting everyone who can benefit from them to get access that we have set up a special page to allow you to listen to an entire album (both tracks) for free.

Cool – right?

When you click on the link below you will be taken to a special page that will allow you to listen to Improve Relationships- for free – for 24 hours. You will find 2 versions of the audio and I strongly advise that you spend some time with each of them before you determine whether or not this product is for you.


Because our initial testing indicates that many (perhaps even most) have a strong preference of one over the other.

Me – I like the version where the positives statements are spoken at high volume. I found that after a few times listening I was able to very easily continue to listen to the audio while cooking, cleaning, even talking to others (casually :-) ) without the affirmations interfering – but that I found comfort in being able to tune into them once in awhile to listen. I also discovered – within days – that the affirmations on the audios would begin to play in my mind at random times throughout the day – and that each time it made me smile and my vibration went up a notch.

Iain has a very strong preference for the lower volume statements. He can still hear what is being said when he really focuses on it – but otherwise he prefers to be able to have the music be the predominant focus.

Which do you prefer?

Attract Wealth

Click Here to Listen to the Ultimate Mind Music Album Attract Wealth

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Ultimate Mind Music - Attract Wealth - Free Listen, 6.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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One Response to “Ultimate Mind Music – Attract Wealth – Free Listen”

  1. Royal says:

    Hi Cyndi. .,

    Thanks for your great piece of work.
    I would suggest you to create a music that will automatically push the listener to create mental scenes and that might help him to focus on his desires…like soothing music of piano. …….. We are really expecting an amazing stuff from you.
    With lots of love. .
    Royal. .

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