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Ask Cyndi…. “Why Cannot I Heal Already?”

Boy~from your lil bio, we have much in common. ‘Cept you are now on “the other side”..and I’m not quite there yet. An energy worker myself,I ask sometimes, why when I learned so much, apply so much, can I not heal this within issue already!! Does it mean I’m not a good healer?. Just when i think i’ve taken my power back, & am standing tall, boom..there comes panic/anxiety to try to pull me down-n’ i get ‘battle weary’..Having a very intelligent mind,& a spiritual heart,where is that final catapult that lets this be a testimony and not a continual plea for help?…..anxious to hear what you have to offer. Thanks, Love n Light…Denise

Hi Denise;

My initial thoughts to your question was to defend my smallness – to list for you all the ways I am not yet “on the other side”…

But then I stopped and asked myself  “Is that really True”.

Which stopped me short – got that “thinking mind” all kind of tangled up and brought me back to that state of stillness I cherish.

So my first response is – “Are you really sure that you haven’t made it to this so-called “other side”? Can you, without reaching into past stories or future projections find any evidence that you aren’t anything other than Divine Wholeness in this moment now?

Can you?

In this moment now we are always OK – whether the thoughts in our head tell us we are or not.

So I can almost hear your voice in my head… “But Cyndi – then why the anxiety? the battle weariness? “

And I have to ask – if you take a moment and breath deep and look inside – is there any anxiety now?  How are you doing right now?

The little mind likes to tell us stories – it likes to go back into memory to tell you how you are doing.  It likes to project those past memories into the future – telling you what you had yesterday is what you will get tomorrow….

But it always fails to consider what is happening Now….

So bring it back into the present moment – because in that moment we are all – as you said…

“On the Other Side”

Loving Life – Are You?


btw….  The self questioning demonstrated above is a combination of Byron Katie’s “The Work” and The Sedona Method.  Ultimately we are what we tell ourselves we are – and our story is the one we decide to tell in this moment.  So change your story now – and when that voice in your head tries to tell you different – that you have “been there done that” and it didn’t work before so why should it now – you can politely but firmly thank it for sharing and continue to move back into being in the present moment as you desire.  Or you can be less polite, tell it to  “shut up”, call it a liar, and continue to Practice moving back into this Moment Now.

And be prepared to find yourself having to move yourself back into the present time and time and time again. Hanging out in the past and/or the present is a habit – it will take conscious choice to break it.

But you can do it – no doubt – as soon and as often as you choose (and it gets easier -promise)

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3 Responses to “Ask Cyndi…. “Why Cannot I Heal Already?””

  1. PJ says:

    “In this very moment I am whole & complete & at one with the Divine presence that created me.” That is the mantra for me for today and I wanted to share it with you all. I spent most of yesterday arguing with my negative small mind as it tried to lock me into my past and project the various situations into my future. It was an ugly past and would make a horrendous future if I allowed it to reign. Not gonna happen. Thanks Cyndi for the timely reminder. Funny thing is I didn’t read this when you first posted it. I read it when I needed to hear it.

    Much Love & Blessings my Friend,

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  2. Annie says:

    Cyndi and PJ,

    you both spoke to me today and I thank you. My small self and her stories are desparately trying to keep me locked in prison. Trouble is, I allowed it. Shoot,I built the walls and gave her the keys.

    Appreciate the mantra, PJ. I’m gonna use it to stay in present.

    Cyndi, I love your columns. Love, love, love.

    When I take off my blinders, I can see help [like yours] is everywhere.
    gotta remember to do that…

    merci bien!

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  3. Leila says:

    It’s interesting how stories from the past want to be retold. Although that still happens for me I’m getting more used to recognizing how unhelpful it is. I am different from the person I was back then and there are people around me who support me as I am now. That makes it so much easier to remember that the old stories are old even when some people retell them.

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