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Ask Cyndi – I Am Drained, Plundered, Robbed of My Identity….

Hello Cyndi,

All my life i have help people to come up, in each and every way. I trusted my own blood relationship, so much that i forgot to even ask where, how, when and why you did these. AND STILL KEPT OVER POURING THINGS IN THEIR LAPS, They even swipe all my saving to their benefit, without even turning back and seeing HOW AM I GOING TO LIVE.

Now they return with the answer that i was the one how, is to be blamed for every thing. ONLY HOPE WAS WHEN THEY SHOOT THE GOAL, (REACH THE TOP), they will turn back to see, who has passed the ball to them. NOW i am a laughing stock, to all. BECAUSE INSTEAD OF TAKING CARE OF ME AND MY IMMEDIATE FAMILY, was looking after the WHOLE world, as their needs were first to be met. i need HELP, AS I AM DRAINED, PLUNDERED, ROBBED OF MY MONEY, IDENTITY.

Hi Tony;

I sit in presence with you and ask the Infinite Abundance and Divine Connection that is our Universe to make itself known to you.

Before reading any further I ask that you sit quietly for a few breaths and allow yourself to feel the Presence of that which is all around each of us – that  loves Unconditionally and that will always light the Path to Our Highest and Best Life.

It is from this space that I ask that you read the rest of my response…

I have heard many many stories of how other people have done us wrong and in each case my answer is the same…

Whenever we expect something from someone else we will be disappointed.  In the moment we believe that anyone else has the power to bring us down we give our power away – no exceptions.

We have within us (and all around us) everything we need to live our Highest and Best, Most Joy Filled Abundant Life – and when we aren’t living that life it is because we are, within ourselves, blocking that experience.

And we all hold “blocks” that keep us from living our most authentic life (or at least everyone I have come in contact with, myself included :-) )

As long as we are blaming other people for our suffering we are powerless to do anything to release it.

In the moment we let go of the blame and take responsibility for our life experience we become empowered and a path or paths begin to open up that allow the light in.

Please don’t misunderstand me.  I am not indicating that I approve of what others have done to you – or that they may in anyway be correct in their actions toward you.

What I am stating is that what they are doing – or how they have reacted or are now reacting to your past displays of kindness is besides the point.  You can not control what they do or say – and your desire for them to behave in a way they are not is draining your energy….

And keeping you from focusing on that which will bring abundance and joy and strength into your life experience.

So many people want to resist this message – and it is their/and your right to do the same.  But I have to ask…

How does holding on to the anger and blame serve you?  In what ways does it enrich your life?

I expect the following exercise will be of value…

*Allow yourself – just for a few moments – to remember a past incident that highlights what you are describing in your question.  Allow yourself to begin to relive the experience…

*Close your eyes and and allow yourself to feel what it feels like within your body when you are reliving this experience.  Feel the emotion, the tightness, the stress.  Don’t try to change anything – just pay attention to it

Ok – Now shake it off – I mean really get up for a moment and shake (OK if you are in public you don’t really have to – but imagine you are shaking it all off if you can’t do it physically)

*Bring to mind a Happy Memory – it can be a walk in the woods – or playing with a childhood friend – or the first time you put your toes in the Ocean – anything that you can remember that brought you a sense of happiness – then…

*While holding the memory close your eyes again feel what it feels like to hold this memory.  Feel the lightness, the space, the relaxation…

And don’t bother shaking it off – not unless you really want to…

Decide what it is you want to experience during this life’s journey – set your focus and intention on that – and open the space to allow the Universe to show you the way…

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5 Responses to “Ask Cyndi – I Am Drained, Plundered, Robbed of My Identity….”

  1. Julie says:

    I’ve not read this e-zine for a while, I’ve had email overload!! Startin to clear out now.
    I really like the advice you gave Tony. I had a bad time 3 years ago, it went on for about 3 years all told. And I still go over it in my head, I ask myself, “why this” and “what if that”. It does my head in sometimes. (most of the time i’m fine) But sometimes its there and it’s like a habit my mind’s got into.
    I’ve been trying think of something I can do. The other day when it happened I was on my own so it was OK. I got rid of it by telling it outloud to “BE GONE” and I even found myself going “yeh, but I just want to think about.” “NO, BE GONE.” Mad or what??
    Any way it went, And I got on with what I was doing.
    Next time it happens I’m going to jump up and down and dance around shaking it all off and having fun doing it. Sounds like a great idea. Thanks. Hey, and I don’t care where I am either!!

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  2. Ron Marriott says:

    Tony, Behind every ship wreck is a treasure for only you to find. Do not rely on others for your come back. You have the answers and are the only one who can do this task. Keep your emotions high and love in your eyes and watch out for the clues to come.

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  3. Irene says:

    Tony, I know what it’s like to give and help people, then have them turn on me and blame me for their failures.

    I finally realized I was hanging out with the wrong crowd, even though some of that crowd was my own family; we were just incompatible. So I moved away and was really surprised to find people who were caring and supportive, who were willing to help me, and who loved me for who I was.

    There are many loving caring people in the world who can help you, but you need to find them. Stop worrying about saving the world; save yourself first.

    Your old world is falling apart; now you can build a new life for yourself. Find at least one or two new friends who care about you, and who can support you through these tough times, and let go of the past.

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  4. caroline says:

    Dear Tony,

    I totally agree with Irene, stop worrying about the world and save yourself first. If you are in a position of strength you can help others without it costing you anything, you have energy to spare. I felt the same way as you and in the end had to ask myself why I was trying to help everyone else. The jury is still out on that one, but maybe in the end it does all boil down to ego, playing god, wanting to feel like I am a good person, I just don’t know. I don’t think I wanted people to be grateful, or help me back but who knows. But you use the words, plundered, robbed which maybe you need to look at. Whatever you gave or didn’t give you made that choice. Nobody can take anything that you are not prepared to give. I still don’t know where I am going exactly but I have realised that I need to avoid people who drain my energy, and replenish my own stores before thinking of helping anyone else. A matter of survival…..

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  5. joy says:

    TONY sweetheart…forget what happend and start all over again.Now,is a think that it is a fresh,brand new day and the world is on your side.Forget what you have lost then imagined that a huge of blessings is coming to you.Now,protect yourself at the second time.Choose people to trust..test them first if they are really worthy of your trust.God bless you tony.

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