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Ask Cyndi – Time To Get Happy

Hello :-)

Now more than ever we all have to remain conscious – and happy – and pleased with ourselves and the contributions we are making to the World – whether they are in our homes or across the Globe.

Without exception.

As I was deciding which direction to take “Ask Cyndi” this week – and which question to answer – I kept going back to this one point – and I decided to keep things as simple as I could.

You turn on the news – and watch as the list of world tradegies start playing -  what can you do?

Get happy

You have been out of work for 6 months and the bank is about to take your home – makes sense to worry – right?

Nope – Get Happy

The love of your life has just left you and your mind is telling you over and over and over that you will never be happy again – should you listen to it?

Naaaaaaa – makes much more sense to start writing a list of all the reasons your life is blessed- and keep writing until you remember that what you are is happy

We are all being given what feels like an unending stream of reasons to bring our vibrations down  and  these reasons seem to be really loud and pervasive – and yet – when we decide to shift our focus just a little bit we can always find reasons to be happy.

Now being happy doesn’t mean we don’t take action – in fact – the happier we are in any given moment the more effective our action becomes…

Think about it for a minute and you will know that it’s true.

Over the past few weeks I have been publishing some articles about the use of Energy Balls to send healing to Japan – as well as for yourself and people close to you.  What so many have discovered is that this work leaves you feeling happy.

And what is making me feel really happy is that I now get the opportunity to tell you that we all have the opportunity to create some of these Energy Balls together – at the same time – plus – we also get to do some tapping together because…

Brad Yates and I have been talking about what we can do together and we decided that a very Special Teleseminar was just the thing and that we were the ones to host it.

So we are

On April 7th  at 6:00 PST  and we have Entitled it…

What the World Needs Now

Energy Tools for Healing the Planet

To get the details visit:  Healing the Planet Together

Now – when you visit the page you will see a “donate” button to the right of the screen.  You do not have to click on it to attend the Teleseminar – we want every one’s energy on the call – but if you can – even a dollar – that would be great.  Money is a powerful energetic force that is helping get aid where aid is needed – and it is another action step that we can allow ourselves to feel happy about.

I don’t know if you can tell – but I am oozing excitement in anticipation of  the energy that is going to be created when we all come together on this call …

It’s going to be fun

Loving the Journey – aren’t you :-)

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One Response to “Ask Cyndi – Time To Get Happy”

  1. shona says:

    I have been following both the evolution ezine and Brad Yates (EFT tapping) for a number of years now and am over the moon you have decided to team up, more evidence (as if I needed it) that the world is truly one aligned and on its way forward. I look forward to the seminar and highly recommended it to anyone not familiar with Brad’s work

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