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Ask Cyndi:How Can I Achieve My Financial Goal with Ease and Grace

Hi Cyndi, From my childhood I had a big financial goal to achieve in life. I dream of it all the time. I always tried to study the life-story of the Successful Millionaires,Billionaires. Now I am already passing my middle age. Though I have achieved some success yet it is still far away from my goal and I am also going through a bumpy road in my business career. I am not a hardcore businessman or a burgainer but rather an easy going person. Pls advise me through your spiritual way, how can I achieve my financial goal with ease and grace.

Hi Rouf;

Isn’t it a wonderful day to be breathing? As I look around my small home office I breath in the wonder of all I have available to me. I have this computer – and the internet – and the beautiful music playing from itunes.

I have electricity in every room of my house – and the vents that allow the heat generated from the furnace in the basement to warm my toes.

I have hot and cold running water – and a few minutes ago I treated myself to a small heart shaped chocolate given to me by a young neighborhood boy who gets the school bus from my house every morning so his parents can get to work on time. Yum :-)

My life is so full of abundance it is amazing that I ever spend a moment focused on the lack of $$ and the desire for more.

But I do.

Financial abundance is one area that I never write about – because it is an area in which I still have much to learn. And it is my belief that one teaches best not what one needs to learn – but the best teachers are those who have already successfully learned the lessons and are ready to pass them on.

So – when I first got your question I was thinking it was one I was not in a position to answer – but then I was stopped by your request for my advise in my Spiritual way and I got to thinking…

about how amazing it is that no matter how much I breath there is always more air to take in on the next breath. And I realized that I have unlimited access to clean water to drink – and how whenever I go out and smile at people they almost always smile back – and about how all these things are priceless – that I simply can not put a monetary value on them and it got me wondering if perhaps you would consider…

taking another look at your goals and rewriting them a bit.

Money is a valuable tool – it allows us to experience life more fully and to be of greater service. But money can also be a great burden – and it provides no guarantee of happiness.

So since you asked me my advice here it is…

Sit with why you want the financial success and rewrite your goals focused on the end result. Not on how much money you want coming in – but on what you want to experience when that money comes in – and on how you want to feel.

And then take a look at those goals and begin to take action to bring that into your life today…

When you die and find yourself before the gates to heaven (figure of speech only…) The guardian of the gate will not care how much money you banked….

But he will be very interested in how many smiles you helped create – how much laughter you brought into the world – how much love you spread around.

Just something to think about

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2 Responses to “Ask Cyndi:How Can I Achieve My Financial Goal with Ease and Grace”

  1. tony says:

    i have an answer for your friend. i have made (and lost) large sums of money in my career. i have raised large sums for business ventures, and NOT raised large sums form business ventures. i went through many boom and bust periods in my own life and career until i finally “got it.” (through reading thomas troward’s edinburgh lectures, available for free online.
    the key is to certainly have a dollar amount (or material possession, like a car or house or whatever it is you want) in mind, however, it is not the material item itself, but the QUALITY or ESSENCE of it that makes it happen.
    for instance, if you want ten million dollars, but you have never made or obtained ten million dollars, then you really don’t know what having and using ten million dollars feels like, so looking for that feeling is going to be a futile effort.
    but you do know what the essence of having ten million dollars means. you have to answer that for yourself. i can speak from my personal experience when i was looking to raise (and did successfully)three million dollars for a business venture. i knew what the money was going to be spent on, i knew what my “job” or jobs were going to be with that money, but it wasn’t until i drilled down a little deeper to what the essence of the money meant to me, and i asked myself, what does it really MEAN for me to have three million dollars, and it meant that i was finally going to build the business i had been planning for three years. i was finally going to pay off all old bills and debts. i would be able to spend more time with my children. i was going to be able to help millions (potentially) of people with my business. and the essence of that was that i was finally going to be in control of my own life. i would no longer have to look outward to be where i wanted to be inward. once i answered my own essence question and realized it was about being in control of my life and being able to remain calm and poised in every situation in my life, because everything was paid for, i was in my business and i was in control. that is not a “controlling” or willful forceful feeling, rather it is a feeling of calm and peace and a source of continual joy for me, and whenever the outer conditions of my life look as if they are taking a turn for the worst, i go back to the essence of what i want, and they immediately take a turn for the better.
    focus on the quality or essence of what you want, and what that outward accomplishment really means to your inner life, and it will show up faster than you can possibly imagine.

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  2. Leila says:

    I agree Cyndi that having money can probably be a mixed blessing – and so can not having money. It sounds like a good idea to set your financial goals around what you would like to achieve with the abundance you attract. Also, there have been some great articles on this website by James Goi Jr.

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