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Ask Cyndi: Collecting Miracles and My Radio Interview

Hi Everyone :-)

Isn’t it a wonderful day to be smiling? Even laughing?

And is it not also a phenomenal day to be counting miracles?  I think it is and I invite everyone to pick a day (or two) this week and get really conscious of the miracles that are coming into their lives.  Little or big – it doesn’t matter – all miracles count – and they are happening all the time – and the more aware you become of them the more they show up.

So count your miracles today – and then please come back and tell us about them so we can all celebrate with you :-)

I also wanted to take this space to let you know about something pretty exciting – I was on Internet Radio last week and I had a blast.  I was interviewed by Krystalya Marie (have you downloaded her free gift?  If not you can do it her: A Gift to Open Your Heart) and we spent an hour talking about the importance of keeping our vibrations high – and I spoke about some of my favorite ways of doing just that.  The hour flew by – and though I forgot (oops – sorry) to tell you about it before hand – it is not to late to listen – you can download the interview from the archive page here…

Cyndi’s Radio Interview

My interview is the one dated June 22.  And once you listen please consider coming back and letting me know what you think – I had a really great time and it got me thinking that I may like to do some more radio in the future…..


If the interview, or life, is bringing up some more questions that you would like my thoughts on – please send them to me at cyndi(@)evolutionezine.com.   Life is continuing to kick up some interesting challenges for all of us – and sometimes another point of view is just what we need….

Loving the Journey


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One Response to “Ask Cyndi: Collecting Miracles and My Radio Interview”

  1. It was a wonderful talk Cyndi. You shared amazing advice and sound like a very wise master. I felt so calmed and assured by everything you spoke about. Thank you!

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