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Ask Cyndi – It Makes Me Feel Hopeless and Feel Like Giving Up

Hi, I have been experiencing anxiety and panic attacks for years now although I did have respite from it for a couple of years. I am doing everything possible, yoga, breathing, different healing techniques. I am so afraid that I will always have this problem and therefore never have quality in my life. It makes me feel hopeless and feel like giving up.

Hi Radhika;

I sit in presence with you – and see you connected and flowing – smiling and at ease.

Will you consider taking a few breaths now and seeing the same – with me?  You don’t have to imagine that it will last forever – just in this moment now – see yourself smiling, relaxed and at ease…

I spent many years struggling with panic and anxiety – and I remember the sense of hopelessness it created.  I also had the experience of having it under control for awhile – only to have it return again – at least as powerful if not more so.

And I can tell you it has been ten years now since I have had a panic attack that has lasted more than a few seconds…


Because I finally saw the anxiety and panic as messages from my higher self that I was not on my path.  I came to realize that these bodily reactions were nothing other than a message to stop and take a look at my life – to see what wasn’t working – and to make the changes necessary to bring me back on my path.

And when I am walking my path my body relaxes.

All the tools I speak about – and the ones that you have worked with – are wonderful – and they help us bring our energy systems back in balance – but if we are not living in balance – in alignment with our passion and our greatest loves – then these tools will work only to a point.

So what am I saying?

It is time for you to sit with your life and ask yourself what needs to shift – and then begin the steps to make the shifts – even if they seem like big and scary shifts.

For me it meant walking away from a life as a well paid Engineer and immersing myself in various Mind Power, Spiritual, and Energy Healing Methodologies.  It meant giving up a stable income with benefits and essentially stepping off a cliff into totally unknown territory.

It means waking everyday and offering myself in service and joy – and allowing the Universe to surprise me.

What will it mean for you?  I have no way of knowing.  What I do know is that in the moment when you surrender your need to know – when you essentially stop and  say “Universe (God, Love…)  I Give Up – I don’t know what it is I am suppose to do next – I am helpless without your help – I hand this over to you Now”

In that moment of surrender – Miracles Happen

Radhika -  I will continue to see you smiling and at ease – open and connected.  Please keep in touch…

With Love


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One Response to “Ask Cyndi – It Makes Me Feel Hopeless and Feel Like Giving Up”

  1. Riel says:

    Dear Rhadika,
    What Cyndi says is true and I fully concur, but have a GOOD medical and neurological examonation as well. Vast improvements have been made in the last couple of years as far as diagnosing certain conditions are concerned and mindless pill-popping is no condoned anymore. The things that you are doing is excellent and should be continued, it is not a question of either pills or yoga/breathing etc. it may be that you need the medication to kick-start your journey to recovery. It is like a strained muscle, painpills without physiotherapy and exercise will not solve the problem, but painpills can get you over the worse and help you to do the exercise etc.
    I noticed that you did not mention brainwave entrainment – I found it very helpful. I would however encourage you to do it as the brainwave vendors also advice under mebical supervision.
    I wish you allthe peace you can have,

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