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Ask Cyndi – I Am Going Nuts

HI Cyndi!

Thank you for this opportunity!!

I am 44 and have been bothered with my sacroilliac joint. But now it is acting up to the point that I can’t sit, walk, stand or be on my back for more than 30 minutes.

I am going nuts. It bothered me my whole life, but I did not bothered with it. It is on my left side of my leg. The pain spread to my whole leg. It is a dull pain but very annoying.

On another note. I have been experiencing feelings of abandonment more than ever!!! Remembering my prusian mom being so tuff on and critical of me. Everybody is alive in my family, but I feel they are ghosts, not relevant, but for my feelings of abandonment. I feel lonely. How do I resolve this conflict? I am aware, rationalized it, did EFT, meditation, went back and confront my emotions, but it does not go away!!!! HELP!!!!!!

Hi Mariana;

Before reading my response to your question please take a moment to collect yourself .  When you finish reading this paragraph close your eyes and take three centering breaths.  Allow yourself to breath deeply and comfortably.  After taking those breaths take just another moment to become aware (without judgment) of what you are feeling in your body in this moment.  Can you handle the sensations being experienced now?

OK – go ahead and take those breaths and ask the question – can I handle the sensation in this moment now?

When you bring it back into the present moment you will find that you are always OK in the present moment.  Your mind will tell you that you are not – but when you pay attention you will find that those “I Am Not OK” thoughts are always either replaying the past or predicting the future – they are never about this moment Now.

I can hear the “but”  moving in my direction.  “But” this pain really affects my quality of life – “But” it does not allow me to sleep or sit or focus or…..

And my response to the “but”…

Breath deeply and ask yourself “But Am I OK Now?  In this moment Now can I handle it?”

Bring yourself back with this question 1000 times a day if you have to – it will work everytime.

And Now that I have your attention in the present moment I would like to suggest that you get really present with the sensations you are experiencing.  Spend time relaxing into the sensations.  “Watch” them without trying to change them.  See if the pain is constant or if there is an ebb and flow (there is always an ebb and flow).  And then once you find the ebb and flow see if you can’t become more interested in the spaces without the pain.

When we get to the space where we stop resisting what is we provide an opening for real healing and connection to take place…

Which leads me to your second point.  From where I sit all feelings of abandonment come from a sense of separation from Source.  I get a lot of resistance to this during conversation – but I still tell everyone who asks that when they expect love, support, a sense of completeness from another human being they will always come away feeling incomplete and lacking.

“Source” is flowing through us and is all around us.  All loneliness is a feeling of disconnection from that Source. Please notice I wrote a feeling of disconnection – for Source is always there and we are always connected – it is the very essence of each breath.

When we reconnect with the Source within us – then we also reconnect with the Source that flows through those around us.  And then we can begin to relate – not to the stories of the people in our lives – but to the divinity that flows within each one of us.

And then you will remember that none of us is ever alone.

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3 Responses to “Ask Cyndi – I Am Going Nuts”

  1. Madeleine says:

    Hi Mariana,
    Know that at this very moment thousands of people are holding you in light and love. And as you follow Cyndi’s advice of noticing the ebb and flow of your pain, also notice how love is pouring onto you and through you.
    I echo Cyndi’s words….This feeling of abandonment will only go away when you stop abandoning yourself. You’ve ignored your pain for so long in your life, both physical and emotional, perhaps now is the time to embrace, to feel, to forgive, to let go…..
    Yes, you are strong enough to do it now and yes the light and love that you feel right now is there to support you every step of the way.

    Much love….

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  2. lisette says:

    dear one, yes, all the above are important. whan it comes to pain, it is hard to concentrate on anything when it hurts. I helped myself in a big way by pruchasing a MRS2000 system. I spend the money, I used it and I was able to better concentrate and my pain reduced greatly. The stucture of my back will be what it will be but the inflamtion is what I could not easialy live with.Now, I shovel, vacuum ect. and I follow with a session on my mat. I use it every day and life is great.
    If you live near me you can come and try it. I can leave you my phone # if you want it.Lisette Cousineau Beaconsfield QC Canada

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  3. Mariana says:

    Thank you all for your support. I really, really feel the love you are sending me. No kidding. I feel the goosebumps and the LOVE POURING IN!!!!!!! Thank you Madeleine, Thank you Lisette. Your comments mean A TON OF LOVE TO ME!!!! :) ))) Blessings and much Love to you all

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