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Ask Cyndi – How Are We Suppose to Deal With Guilt?

How are we supposed to deal with guilt? When we choose to change our circumstances because of a lack of happiness in our life and in that process we hurt the people around us, how are we to cope with the heart wrenching feelings that come with the guilt? When he asked me if I could look him in the eyes and tell him I no longer loved him, I did it. That’s really all I did, I told the truth. I have been punished ever since for not lying.

Hi Lola;

How do we deal with guilt?  Energetically…

Guilt sits in your space and it looks for ways to feed and it will keep you stuck as long as you let it.  It appears powerful – and it has been used by mothers and religious leaders and others for centuries as a way to keep people from realizing their full potential.

And guilt lies – it always lies.

You are not responsible for how another person responds to your honest expression of who you are and what you are feeling.  Each one of us, as individuals, are responsible for how we respond to the people and circumstances in our lives – and in the moment we blame another for our feeling badly, in any way, we are giving our power away.

That said – here are a few ways you can deal with guilt energetically…

1) The NLP Way

Sit quietly and take a few relaxing breaths.  Ask yourself – where in my body am I feeling this guilt?  Take the first place that comes to you.

Then ask yourself – what color is the guilt?  What size? How much does it weigh?  What is its texture?  If nothing comes to you than just make it up.

Once you have this “guilt shape” identified with a color, size, shape and texture – then just watch it for a few breaths – and then ask yourself….

Can I make the color a little lighter?  Can I lighten the shape a bit and make it smaller, can I make it porous?

Can I pull even more of the color out and shrink it even more?  Can I lighten it to the point where it is lighter than a pea?  can I pull even more of the color?  Can I make it see thru?

Continue to ask the questions and watch the shape change until such time that you shrink it until it disappears – and then….

Take a centering breath and go inside and look for the guilt.  It may be gone – or it may have moved to another area in the body – and if it has moved – then simply ask yourself – what color – and repeat the process.

2)  The Sedona Method based Process

Allow yourself to bring up the feeling of guilt.  Don’t try to change it – just watch it.  Let the stories about the guilt come up without attaching yourself to them.  Then ask yourself…

Does this guilt come from wanting control, approval or acceptance?  (an answer will come up – if not – make it up)

Then ask…

Can I let it go?  Would I let it go if I could?  When?

Breath, and look inside and allow any remaining guilt to come to the surface of your consciousness.  Watch it – allowing stories, people, limiting beliefs to show up without you wanting to do anything about it – Just be with it.

Ask yourself – does this guilt come from wanting control, approval, or security?

Can I let it go?  Would I let it go? When?

Repeat until what you feel is openness and peace

3 the Rose

I described the use of the Rose in last week’s post  My Car Was Stolen You can create a Rose and ask it to collect up all the guilt in your space – and then simply blow it up and have the energy returned neutralized from where it came.  You can also use the Rose to set up a delineation between your energy and the energy of the one that is working to bring you down.  To do that you simply create a red rose in your imagination and place it in front of you – about 12 inches, and allow it to stay there.  It’s as simple as that

4) Tap it Away

EFT was one of the first energy release techniques I learned – and one of the best at it is Brad Yates -  and I have just brought up from the archives a teleseminar we did with him during the Spring of 2009.  Visit Tapping Into Evolution to listen to the replay – and then take what you have learned about tapping to tap through your guilt feelings (or work with an EFT practitioner – they are wonderful at finding your limiting core beliefs and helping you release them through tapping)

These are just four of many energy centered techniques that will help you release guilt (or other limiting emotions) from your space.   Any of them will work – so choose which ones appeal to you and go for it.

And then come back and let us know how things are going

With Joy and In Celebration of This Most Magnificent Journey


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2 Responses to “Ask Cyndi – How Are We Suppose to Deal With Guilt?”

  1. Leila says:

    Hi Cyndi, I’d heard of the NLP way of dissolving guilt before. The way you describe it is easy and when I tried it I’m pretty sure it helped. Thanks.

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  2. Teri says:

    My question to Lola would have been, why are you feeling guilty? You did the guy a big favor. Nothing worse than living with an unhappy person.

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