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Ask Cyndi: Is It Just a Matter of Time?

A car accident many years ago, broke my right ankle. Although I have been able to cope with discomfort, recently it became swollen and has not returned to its original size.The cause – excess of use -  but three months is a long time to limp. My chemical balance is OK and I have done all the possible check ups. Doctors say it is a matter of time. What do you think?

Hi Luzmaria;

I think it is always a good idea to get your Doctors opinion – and since you have done that -  I now feel free to tell you what else I believe/know/feel/think…

Our physical body can be thought of as a “messenger” of the emotions, limiting beliefs, stories we have been carrying around.  When we learn to listen to what it has to say we can not only aid in our physical healing – we can also release blocks in our emotional/mental/spiritual bodies that keep us from living our highest and best lives.

When I work with individuals and their physical healing there are a number of different techniques I use.  In this case I feel that what would be most useful is for you to – well – simply ask your ankle what message it has for you…

Ok – perhaps its not quite that simple -  but it will be – once you set the stage.

Here’s what you do…

Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed  and relax.  If you know how to move yourself  consciously into alpha then please do -  or you can simply watch your breath for a few minutes until you feel yourself get centered – and you feel your shoulders relax (yes – I can feel how tight you normally keep them – its safe to let that tension go and just relax)

Have a pad and a writing utensil ready so you can take notes.  This will help you remember what occurs – and will give you something concrete to refer to at a later time.

Once you are relaxed and centered begin  by placing your attention on your ankle.  Pay attention to how it feels in this moment – without any judgement – and then…

Say Hello

That’s right – while holding your attention on your ankle say “hello” – and then stay open for a few breaths to give your ankle the opportunity to return the greeting.

Stay relaxed and open and don’t expect anything …

Then take a moment to voice your appreciation for all it has done for you over the years .  Say thank you for how well it has functioned – listing all the wonderful things you have been able to experience because it has always done such a great job.

Let your ankle know you have all the confidence in the world that it knows what to do to heal now – and then…

Ask it what you should know to aid in the healing process.  Ask it what message it might have for you – or what belief may be holding it back from full healing.  And ask it whatever other question comes to mind.

And after each question – take time to listen for an answer – and write down anything and everything that comes to you – it doesn’t have to make sense.

When you are done conversing be sure to again say thank you and voice your confidence in its ability and smile.

This may work for you the first time – or it may take you 2 or 3 or 4 times before you feel like you are really communicating – but I feel very confident in saying that if you stick with it you will get the information you seek – and you will also be opening a communication channel with your body that will be nothing but beneficial for you as you continue this life journey.

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