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Ask Cyndi – If I Am Doing So Much Better Now – Why Do I Still Experience Such Self Doubt?

The following is an email exchange between myself and one of  my Evolution Ezine friends.  I believe Morgana’s question is one that we all ask from time to time – and I am very interested in learning if my response makes sense to all of you?  Please let me know – and keep the questions coming.  Together we can all enter this next phase of our existence smiling, powerful, and living our Highest and Best Lives.

Hi Cyndi;

Its the golfer.
I had a tough day at the office today! Kept all my stuff together till the last few holes on day 2! I got a little anxious and started hitting bad shots and getting images of bad stuff happening to me! Bizarre you would say but all the fears came true! I ended missing out by one lousy shot! OUCH!!! I have been listening to the alpha mind control introduction every day and have also been listening to the braveheart fear removal mp3 the last week! I downloaded the one you said came up more important for me! also been reading all the material suggested in month one!

In addition to that i have really been enjoying the Esther Hicks books and a lot of what Abraham says has been speaking to me! (I am not sure if you familiar with this).

What i am curious to know is if i am so much better than earlier in the year why do i still experience self doubt and anxiousness when i know its all bout experiencing and learning!?

I know i have the ability to win tournaments out here but i just feel like i am getting in my own way! Any suggestions or advice you might offer in terms of the right program or some words of wisdom?!

Kind Regards Morgana

Hi Morgana;

Enjoying the day sounds like a fabulous idea :-)

The key thing to remember is that the anxiety that’s coming up now is old stuff – just say hi as it leaves you. As long as you can just sort of notice it without giving it power it will have nothing to stick to and it will leave quickly.

We have been living in a high anxiety state for a long time – and its been stored in our bodies in layers. As we begin the work we are releasing – but releasing one layer at a time – clearing and breathing – and then clearing again.

The more we keep doing the work – and enjoying the process – the easier and easier it will become.

Loving Life – even the rocky parts


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One Response to “Ask Cyndi – If I Am Doing So Much Better Now – Why Do I Still Experience Such Self Doubt?”

  1. Lance says:

    An interesting response Cyndi, and rightly so on a certain level, but I believe Morgana answers her own question (to a greater degree) with the first sentence of her last paragraph.

    I believe she already knows what to do but doesn’t yet have the self-confidence or internal assurance to do it.

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