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Ask Cyndi: Did I Really Create That?

Hi, I would like to know, if we all create our own lives, well when my brother committed suicide at 21 did I play a part in that? Did I create that also?

Thanks for your help


Hi Julie;

First – I sit in presence with you and your family and all those affected by the loss of your brother’s life.

What I have come to know is that there are many things I do not know – and that I expect I will never understand while constrained within a 3 dimensional reality.  The clear cut answer to your question is one of those things.

That said – I would like to suggest that you consider shelving the question for the time being in favor of a few other questions that may provide a way through the torment you are feeling.

Questions like…

What Can I Create that is Good from This Experience?

How Can I Use this Experience, and these feelings, to live life more Completely?

In What Ways  Can I Honor my Brothers Life?

In many ways our lives are shaped by the questions we ask.  Ask questions that raise our vibration and are designed to  empower us and our vibration is raised.  Ask questions that lower our vibration and we tend to get bogged down and stuck.

I can feel a resistance to letting go of your original question – and I can understand that.   But please remember I didn’t ask you to let go of it completely – just to shelve it for awhile.   If you do I expect,  after a certain period of time committed to living your highest and best life, an answer will come to you that will open you to a clearer understanding and a sense of inner peace.

Please stay in touch – I care….

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5 Responses to “Ask Cyndi: Did I Really Create That?”

  1. Tessa says:

    May I add to the sad topic of a brother’s suicide and one’s creative part in it?
    My only brother joined a cult and leaped from a window two years later – family opposition to his choice. He lived, after a coma for three years, paralysed and brain damaged. And I learned….

    HE HAS BEEN MY TEACHER. One of them… And did I create this? Perhaps at some level, prior to this incarnation, there was an agreement that we would act out for each other in order to grow. I gave him permission to leave, and have found him in the Afterlife where he is blissfully happy – as was I until I had to return to this
    plane! There is much to learn from our family relationships and past life stuff – and that life is all about learning to LOVE! Love to you, Tessa

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  2. Irene says:

    So sorry to hear about your brother.

    Cyndi and Tessa have expressed it better than I could.
    All I can add is that it is vey common in this kind of situation for family members to feel guilty and somehow responsible

    No amount of guilt/suffering can undo what has happened

    Much love to you and many blessings. Irene

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  3. Lauren says:

    Hi, Julie,
    I’m sorry for your loss; my brother died four years ago and sometimes I still hurt. I think you’re putting too much responsibility on your shoulders for a decision your brother made. According to The Secret(Law of Attraction)you cannot wish things for other people. I don’t know what kind of relationship you had with your brother, but
    he had free will. I believe we attract situations that are already in the process of manifesting rather than that we “created” the situation itself. I also believe we can only create our own lives. I hope this helps in some way.
    Love and Light,

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  4. Terry says:

    I think there is one other aspect of this question that needs to be considered. Did Julie’s brother come into this incarnation in order to experience the issues that he did and that of killing himself? If that is the case the best way of honouring her brother would be to respect that which he came to experience and to allow him to move on with love by letting him go. He will always be there for Julie when she needs him.

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  5. Susan Deakin says:

    In the book conversations with the spirit world (Souls who have ended their lives speak from above) by Lysa Moskowitz-Mateu), these issues are covered. Those souls say they so much which might help in this situation, and mainly it would seem that an individual is responsible for their own life only.

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