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Ask Cyndi: What Do I Do About Chronic Pain

I’ve been suffering from chronic pain as a result of a bulging disc in my lower back. It is causing sciatica somehow and I’m not sure exactly how because I only have an x-ray not an mri. I also have degenerating discs in my neck but that doesn’t cause pain at present. I do not have health insurance and am unable to work at this point.

I finally found a chiropractor that I believe in and I am thinking of incorporating Reiki and accupressure for this as well.

The reason I am writing is to see if you have any suggestions as to what else I could use. ???

Thanks for any help or input you can give.



Hi Laura,

Everything you are doing and considering sounds wonderful – as does your focus and your intention for wellness.   I have some additional thoughts for you to consider – if you feel so drawn…

Pain is a signal that the body is giving that something is out of alignment.  It is not in and of itself “bad” – it just is.  It is a message – a form of communication – and many times it is a great gift for it keeps us from doing something that would create great harm to the body (ie put our fingers in the flame and hold them there).

Our minds however like to tell us that pain is a bad thing – that it is to be judged and avoided and resisted and treated – and this resistance to our body’s attempt to communicate with us creates an environment of stress within the body – which creates more resistance – which results in more pain – which increases our resistance, which…

Well – you get the idea…..

Pain does not create suffering.  All suffering comes from a resistance to what is – including a resistance to pain.

Sit with what I am saying – and if  the mind is “yeah butting” what I am writing – sit with it some more…

If you are willing the following exercise will give you a taste for what I am writing about….

Take a few breathes and center yourself.  Allow yourself to sink into your body and really feel what it feels like in this moment.

Don’t try to change anything – just notice what is there now.

Get in touch with the pain being experienced in this moment.

Don’t rate it or judge  – just sit with it.

Watch it as you breath in and out.  Say hello to it.

For just the time of this exercise stop trying to get rid of it – stop trying to change it in anyway.

Notice the pain’s ebb and flow as you breath in and out.  Get curious about the pain and see if you can identify where it is centered.

You will notice as you work with this level of awareness that your body naturally begins to relax.  Your shoulders will drop and the muscles in your legs will open and soften.  You don’t have to do anything to make it happen – it will just occur naturally as you continue to sit quietly – with friendly curiosity – with the pain.

It is possible that as you continue to sit with the sensations in your body emotions will show up – or old stories – or judgements about yourself or the world.  If this happens just watch them – again with curiosity – but DO NOT try to find meaning in them.  They are “energy forms” that were trapped in your physical form – and as you rest and allow and let go of resistance you are in essence allowing this old gunk (that you don’t need anymore) to be released.

It is very important that you have no expectation when you do this work.  Any expectation will creates it’s own stress environment and will hinder the process.  Just relax and breath – say hello – open and allow – and watch with a friendly sense of curiosity.

One final note.  It is possible that the emotions that come up while doing this work can be strong ones – and they can – at least momentarily – feel difficult to handle.   Knowing that it is all just old stuff on it’s way out can go a long way towards easing this process (or even making it fun ) but if you are concerned or begin to experience something you don’t feel you can handle then working with a high vibrational energy worker who can hold the space for you can be really beneficial – especially when you first begin this work and don’t know what it feels like when the body begins to let go of the emotions and stories it has been holding.

Trust yourself – and the process – know that it is all good – and keep smiling :-)

Loving the Journey



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5 Responses to “Ask Cyndi: What Do I Do About Chronic Pain”

  1. Elena says:

    Hi Laura!
    I just would like to share my personal experience with you, as I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been struck by the same problem from the age of 27. I had suddenly lost a little weight & some body muscle with it, due to some issues going in my life at that time. One of those days I woke up basically crippled with sciatica I couldn’t sit, bend down, or move fast. Just like you I didn’t have any insurance and decided that if the pain wouldn’t go away in few days I’d make an appointment with the chiropractor. The pain didn’t go away, but was increasing every other day to the point that I wasn’t even able to lay down. The only position I could hold was standing on one leg, leaning my body to the side, that morning I crawled into the chiropractor’s office. Each session gave me some relief, but only for 1/2 of the day, and after months of treatment I still was crippled by that pain, or better saying pains, as I experinced all kind of those in my back and leg. One day a friend of mine brought me some type of ointment from South America, which was used by her mother for rheumatoid arthritis back in her country. The moment I applied that on my back was a blessing for me, finally I felt the pain going away as muscles relaxed little by little. I had to reapply that ointment for a couple of weeks more, before I was able to walk straight again after 6 months, the burning pain still was present, but I didn’t wait for it to take over again. I knew that I had to streghthen my back muscles, as these are one of weakest points in today’s modernized life, so I started just with short walks, making them longer every day, in the summer I went swimming in the ocean as much as I could, that was a huge boost for my body. Maybe you could try some aqua therapy exercises as well, in case you’re not able to swim. One year after I enrolled in Martial Arts classes, which makes a big difference for me now 6 years later, as apparently my back problem itself didn’t heal completly and half of my calf is partially numb, and I still experience a little nudge in my back from time to time when I skip my exercise.
    I don’t know your age, but I would definitely suggest you to enroll in Yoga or Tai Chi classes, as that can be done at any age, just make sure to inform your instructor of your physical condition.

    Many Blessings!

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  2. Leila says:

    I love your advice here Cyndi. I remember when I first heard that you could rid yourself of pain by listening to your body being amazed that it could be so simple. That was the beginning of a journey leading me to a better relationship between my body and mind. Alexander technique is another method whereby you listen to the body and retrain it’s movements so that you can function harmoniously and without damaging it’s delicate systems.

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  3. Ray Martin says:

    What do you think of the temporary chakra tatoos I have seen advertised?

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  4. charlotte says:

    Hi Laura!
    Have you tried EFT?
    I work as a pain therapist for people with chronic pain, and EFT helps tremendously to diminish the pain – I often tell people that it is an alternative for a pain killer, and mostly it works better than any pain killer. You can find a basic recipe here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MfhyJC7d8g (it’s a fellow practitioner, I don’t even know her!) If you want help, you can contact me through my website.
    All the best!


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  5. Carole says:

    Hi, Laura.

    I can feel your pain — because I have been there. Contrary to what doctors and physical therapists told me, I am completely free of sciatic and related back/hip/shoulder pain, which debilitated me for almost 5 years. Here is how:

    - I found a book/CD that mirrors almost exactly what Cynthia said above, with great exercises you can follow on the CD. It quite literally changed my life and gave me an accelerated course toward mindfulness meditation. Here’s the Amazon link (you can find a good used copy cheap):

    - I found Active Release Techniques, which is a soft-tissue manipulation that works in conjunction with chiropractic:

    - EFT. It’s free, and it works amazingly well.

    Best of luck to you.

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