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Ask Cyndi – Is Life Better than Not Living?

Hi dear, thanks for your time.
You see I don’t believe that there is any way to know anything for sure. Mostly I guess cause there is always many answers to the same questions. Anyways I don’t think I trust anyone or thing, not myself, whatever I am, and I sure as heck believe that life and reality may just be to alleviate boredom.
I suppose I’m nuts but it just seems to me like why bother with anything, you don’t know and there seems to be no way to know and no one has kept on living yet and I sure am glad we do get to die and that it doesn’t last too long. Of course I sorta do feel as if life is a little lengthy, I’m 52 myself what in the heck do I have left, dying? That’s about all I see, whatever! Let me ask this, is life better than not living, an if so, how do you know for sure?

Hi Chris;

I don’t know anything for sure.

And I don’t recall what it is like to be without human form – so I can not say for sure that living is better than not living.

I can only share from where I am now – based upon my experiences and my decisions based upon those experiences…

I too don’t believe “anything” that I have been taught by others – not without sitting with it to see how it feels.  And even then – when I accept something – I recognize that it is a belief that I may end up abandoning in a day or two.

And I am learning to enjoy the uncertainty of it all – and – for me anyway – that is making all the difference.

There was a time that I lost myself in questioning similar to yours – and it really is like getting lost isn’t it?  These are questions that by design keep our energy low and are without clear cut answers.

What I love about being human is that we are all free to choose what questions we walk around with – we are free to choose where we place our attention – and we are free at any time to change that choice.

From my experiences with Mediumship I have a strong belief that we exist outside our human form – and that the decisions we make now, relative to the thoughts we hold and the actions we take, stay with us when we shed our human skin.   In other words, we cannot escape our so called “problems”  by leaving our bodies.  They stay with us – and not only that – they become incorporated in our DNA patterning and they color the lives of those that come after us.

It is this belief that keeps me firmly moving forward when questions such as yours attempt to take root.  Our thoughts, and therefore the suffering we choose to experience based upon our thoughts, do not magically go “poof” when we die.  And -  our thoughts do not just affect us – they also affect those we connect with.

With all that said – what better time than now to raise your vibration and play with looking at life from a different perspective.  What you say above may be true – but so what – in what way does focusing on it serve you?

Like you write above – there are many beliefs – so why not try some different ones on and see how they feel?

Why not walk around for a while thinking that life is meant to be enjoyed no matter what gets thrown at you?  That thoughts are just thoughts and if you don’t like them you can change them.  And that there is nothing more important than being Happy.

What if you decide to move towards the direction of sitting in Happy for a while?  To do things just because they feel good – and for no other reason?  What if you decide to see how different life looks if you wear a smile for a day or too – just because.

What if?

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5 Responses to “Ask Cyndi – Is Life Better than Not Living?”

  1. Annie Stith says:

    Hey, Cyndi and Chris!

    Wow. I have these very same thoughts from time to time. Have had ever since I was old enough to understand the concepts of life and death. AM HAVING them again now. What I’ve connected them to is a chemical imbalance that causes my brain to produce less seratonin, dopamine, and other “mood lifting” or “feel good” neurochemicals. My psych doc calls this a “depressive episode” as part of my bipolar disorder.

    I don’t look for a magical medication change or adjustment to make the questions go away, though. I find them to be very important ones to mull over and answer as best I can in the situation I find myself in at that moment.

    The moments lately haven’t been all that good. I’m in a lot of pain, every day. It’s recently become obvious I can’t do all my household chores anymore. Except for doc appointments and monthly errands, I haven’t left my apartment since last fall. In part, that’s because of the hi-rise I live in and the fact that they don’t screen applicants well. It was about this time last year the tenant across the hall stopped taking his meds and got violent, threatening to kill me.

    He’s no longer here, but he triggered a distrust in me to the point where if I see someone in the building I don’t know, I have a panic attack. I mean a hyperventilating, knee shaking, passing out panic attack. Since I don’t go out of my apartment, there are more and more faces I don’t recognize. A self-perpetuating kind of thing.

    Lately, because the not going anywhere is depressing as all heck, I haven’t been bothering to clean up and get dressed every day. Then it was a week. Then two. Then my regular doc threatened to put me on a psych ward. The threat worked.

    I can’t clean all of me every day anymore because of the pain. But I can do what I can do, every day. I can’t yet force myself down to the laundry room here, but I can darn well wash some clothes in the bathroom sink. (They get cleaner that way, too.) I can journal every day. I can eat every day. I can care for my cat every day.

    I’m even setting up a website/blog about the healing work I did and how I moved on with my life after 30 years of abuse of all kinds. The fact I’ve developed pain conditions doesn’t negate that work or where it got me in my life before the pain struck. In fact, without that work, I wouldn’t be able to handle the pain as well as I do.

    I live very much in the moment. I go to sleep every night with the hope that tomorrow will be a better day. Sometimes it is. Sometimes I wake in the morning and delay the first movements of the day that will prove I still hurt.

    Know why I’m still here? I refuse to take my own life. When I get right down to it, the ONLY thing I trust is that it’s not my life to take. It was a personal, tangible experience I had that convinced me of that fact. My life will only be over when it’s supposed to be. Is “the other side” better than this? I don’t know yet. I just know I’m not supposed to know yet.

    And sometimes that’s all I need to know to get up and face another day.


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  2. Dr Nagendra Nayak says:

    I liked the simplicity, truthfulness & the humility in your answer. It is suffering that makes man philosophical. One should not become a victim. If we learn to put up with sufferings with a smiling face, it leads to grace, it leads to greatness, it leads to happiness. If we yield meekly to sufferings, we commit suicide. Obviously first example is good, put up, overcome, shine.
    thank you.

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  3. Teresa says:

    Hi Cyndi,

    I love your response to the question is life better than not living. The possibilities to what we experience in life are endless and I find it exciting to know I am the painter and life is my masterpiece. With each experience, each interaction and each feeling I am creating one piece of the big picture called my life experience and each moment I am adding to my masterpiece. Just like a painter if I do not like what I am creating I can always start over and if I love what I am creating I can add more of that to my masterpiece.

    Thank you for sharing this very thought provoking question with us. I enjoy your posts.


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  4. Debra says:

    I don’t know if this’ll help at all but they say that if a person commits suicide it is always regretted when they get to the other side, not that this post is neccesarily about suicide but I really feel for people in this state. I remember Ram Dass saying, when we can accept who we are – e.g. a person might be fat and balding, living alone in a flat with no job – life becomes fun again. It’s acceptance for me that brings relaxation and enjoyment. None of us are really like the Hollywood sterotypes or have Hollywood lives. Another saying I like – that frees me up sometimes – is Don’t take life too seriously. That helps when I’m scared to do something.
    I hope this helps and is not meant to be flippant at all. Hang in there. Much love and healing joy coming your way soon. xxx

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  5. Anne says:

    I accept the words Cyndi has spoken to Annie. The only way I accept it is after a person gets rid of the worst of the trauma inside of them. If living with trauma for such a long time and seeing no way out and all the while trying to find a way out and having it not work, there is one thing that helps. I’d been through the period where nothing worked no matter what I read, studied, researched. All it did was bring me a lot of knowledge which is great to have, don’t get me wrong. It didn’t help with the healing process. Even any realizations didn’t get me anywhere–I still pained and feared. I had some energy work done on me for almost a year which unblocked and released negative energies in certain parts of my body that held them. The concept is that when energies are blocked, it throws off the natural energy flow inside of us thereby causing us to suffer emotionally or causing illness. As this is alleviated it becomes noticeable inside of us that the intensity of pain is less. Positive thinking isn’t doing much for anyone with blocked energies when all the while they’re unaware of it.

    I’ve wondered if sometimes it was my time to die because how can I take any more of this. It’s almost like I had to experience a surrendering–of the horror and not knowing who or what I’m surrendering to. Yet. After I was aware the intensity of it all had weakened and my thinking and feelings were changing for the better was when I knew I could use positivity in a meaningful way where before it didn’t work worth beans. So positivity won’t work in severe traumas no matter what you do.

    It’s working for me now since my energies are doing the healing work inside of me. I’m still working on things. I had reiki treatments and once dark energies were released it took time to get rid of it all and healing energies began working in my favour. That’s the only thing that helped me. Since I had researched so much info, alot of it just seemed to fit in where it was meant to. Thinking has become more clear and emotions more settled, more at ease, and calm. So self-healing isn’t as simple or easy as positive thinking I’d say–it works and helps a little later on in most severe cases. Then all this additional, neat info on healing that Cyndi mentioned works wonders for us. Of course we need to find what works for us is what we need to remember too. This has been my experience.

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