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Ask Cyndi: How do I Pay the Bills?

Hi, cyndi!

I have a treasured book written by Cyndi Dale entitled “New Chakra Healing” Llewellyn’s Publications 1996. Did you write it?

In my 50 years as an earthling i have experienced several jobs, a lot i love; some i hate. then, i decided to be a full stay at home mom.

My kids are growing and their needs are getting bigger as well so i decided to look for a paying job but somehow my heart was not in it. eventually, i was terminated.

you see, i love to teach and market (sell products or services). i also heal on the side. the healing though is not a paying job.

while attending to my kids, i wrote a training module regarding pre-employment; got the nod of some people in authority but has a hard time launching it cause I do not have the basics like laptop and projector for my lectures. No problem with space because i have an area at home that can be used as a classroom.

i have been meditating, affirming, etc in order to materialize the basics that I need but somehow they elude me. moreover,my finances are nil at the moment which brought me to ask if this training venture is the right one for me.

may i have your piece on this? thank you so much!


Hi Cecille;

Haven’t these last 50 years just been amazing?  So many changes and shifts – so much world excitement – even in those moments when it feels like life is a struggle there is still that part of me that is thrilled beyond belief that I have been getting to play in this day and age…

Can you imagine – we didn’t even have computers when we were kids, never mind the internet :-)

I just love this life…  how about you?

I have read your question a number of times, and have sat with it quietly – and after all that I what I want to suggest is that you take a long walk….

Just take a walk (with a dog if you have one – but skip people who can talk and fill your head with words and stories and ideas).  Just walk and notice your community and breath the air and let the tension out of your shoulders and take a break from thinking for a little while.  Take the time to appreciate how wonderful it is just to be alive and moving.

And then from that space I would like you to ask yourself the following questions…

*What makes me most happy?

*What is my current goal/plan/mission statement?  (Mine shifts often but reads something like….. “to know myself in joyous, prosperous service.  to find new ways to laugh each day.  to live in Gods dream for me….”

It is my strong belief/knowing that $$$ is never the ultimate goal – and lack of it is always nothing other then a sign that one is out of alignment with ones Highest and Best path.   And it has been my experience that anything one does simply to create an income fails in one way or another, it just does.  But you already know that – yes?

I was out of work, my saving were gone, and I moving into deeper and deeper debt…

and I was sitting quietly each day – asking – “How Can I be of Service Today?  What serves the Highest and Best?”

and I was following my bliss – which at the time included writing articles for a small blog and spending hours on a forum doing what I love best which I like to call “talking God”  but is really discussing the importance of getting into alignment – being happy and open and connected.  I wasn’t getting paid but I was loving it and feeling really great about how I was helping people – and it was from this place that Iain found me and asked me to help create the ezine…

and the rest is history.

So – ask yourself – do you have everything you need in this moment now? (and the answer is yes – otherwise you wouldn’t be in a position to be reading this) – and then take the time each day to be quiet, and to follow your bliss and to stay open to the possibilities that will present themselves as you open up to being in service in a way that will fill you with joy and prosperity and even some laughter :-)

oh – and I love Cyndi Dale’s book – but I am not her…..

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3 Responses to “Ask Cyndi: How do I Pay the Bills?”

  1. Carol King says:

    Cyndi, thanks so much for your insights here. I too am at a place in my life where I want to be doing work of a more spiritual nature and your words of wisdom really resonated with me. I shall definitely take your advice on board.
    Thanks again xx

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  2. Barbee says:

    Thank you for your wise words.
    We are coming to the end of our money and I’ve been so scared that I have been very sick.
    I was able to buy a meal for homeless couple a couple of weeks ago. Their gratitude was a balm for my soul. I was filled with gratitude that we could do this as I’m afraid that if we don’t find work soon, we will be next.
    I would appreciate any prayers sent our way. We are in our middle 60′s, but I hope that someone will want us for hire.

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  3. Leila says:

    I have to agree with you Cyndi that it’s not so easy to find paid work that suits your soul. It frequently appears to be either one or the other but I think your advice is spot on. To keep open to possibilities and opportunities that resonate. Thanks.

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