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Ask Cyndi – Worried About What People Think…

Here’s my question

As you know I am an avid writer, initially I had two blocks to writing my book, the first was not thinking I could write it well enough. Now that I have side-stepped that fear and written the book and put it up for sale, I feel I am now blocking it from selling by (a) wanting the book to be successful “too much” and (b)worrying about whether people will like it.

Any advice you could give would be much appreciated.

Love and blessings
Carol King

Hi Carol;

We all so much want to be appreciated/validated by others – don’t we?  There is that program running inside that tells us we will know we are successful when others tell us we are – by inviting us to their parties, or telling us how great we are, or by buying our products.

That need for validation is what keeps so many of us “stuck” within our limited experience of the world – that keeps us from really getting in touch with who we are and what our Divine Path looks like.

Play with this for a moment before we move on…

1) Take a few breaths and feel yourself within your body.  Get present with where you are in this moment

2) Welcome wanting other people’s approval.  Allow yourself to fully experience what that feels like within your space

3) Then just drop it – as best as you can – for just a moment.  Drop it like you would drop a pencil you are holding. What does that feel like?

4) Welcome again any remaining want for approval that may be hiding.  Without judgment allow it to reveal itself to you

5) And then just let it go – just for now

How does it feel?  (and please – anyone who is reading this and who can relate in anyway – work with these questions and then share with us your experience)

OK – The Book…

Life – as so many of our teachers tell us – is a Journey – not a destination.  With that in mind I have to ask – did you enjoy the process of writing the book?   Did you learn things about yourself in the process – and have you grown from the experience?

If you never sell a single copy of the book would you still find ways to call the experience up to this moment a success?

Yes?  Terrific – I knew you were successful :-)

Now – if  you are  in the space where you realize that your success is based on the writing of  the book – and not on the approval of others -  then the next question would be…

“What purpose does marketing and selling your book serve?”

I can hear your answer….

“The book is not only an easy entertaining read – it contains information that will really help so many people.  I am passionate about getting this message out there – it’s powerful and simple and what I have outlined works. “

Did I get it right?  Terrific :-)

If that is the case than I want to suggest that you re-frame your focus.  Each day ask yourself – “What can I do today that will allow more people to access the teachings in my book?”

Use your visualization/loa time visualizing the people who are successful using your book to reach their goals.  See their smiling facings – bask in their success.  And allow your actions to spring from that…

Success Guaranteed…..

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One Response to “Ask Cyndi – Worried About What People Think…”

  1. Carol King says:

    Hi Cyndi, thanks so much for your insightful response to my question. I have been using the technique you suggested and I literally had an epiphany. I now know where my focus should lie, what direction to take and the kind of work I want to spend the rest of my life doing. Your words have been a blessing, thanks again.

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