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Ask Cyndi – Binge Eating to Fill Emptiness…..

Hi Cyndi,

I’ve been reading your posts for some time now and to be honest they’ve helped me a lot. However there is still something I’m currently struggling with. It’s a feeling of unfulfillment, of emptiness, of missing something very important in my life.

I don’t know if it has something to do with the fact that I broke up with a person, whom I thought of as “my soulmate” and was deeply crushed afterwards. On a mental level I understand that we weren’t meant for each other but I still suffer over the loss of him. I think this sense of emptiness I feel has been growing since then.

Somewhere along that time I started binge-eating. And I can’t seem to let it go, to stop it. I’ve been to a psychologist, taken homeopathy, tried EFT, the Sedona method… but nothing seems to really work.

Could you help me in any way?

Thank you,


Hi Monica;

18 Days ago I watched a movie entitled “Sick, Fat, and Nearly Dead” on Netflix.   A friend recommended it and I watched more because I said I would then because I really wanted to (it sounded depressing).

I was sucked into the movie quickly – as was my 13 year old daughter.

In essence a very unhealthy man made the decision to go on a 60 day juice fast and to take a camera crew with him as he juiced and traveled the United States talking to people about their relationship to food.

I got a huge “Ah hah” as I listened to people of all ages talk about how they knew that what they were doing was bad for their body but that they couldn’t or wouldn’t stop.  I was completely amazed by a 50 something year old man who said (as he was eating liver and onions) that he knew he was heading for an early grave but at least he would die happy.  He essentially said that Liver and Onions was more important to him then watching his children grow up.

It was at that moment I really recognized our (my) mental and emotional addiction to food.

Food is suppose to feed and nourish our physical body – no matter how much we believe otherwise – it was never designed to nourish us mentally, emotionally, or even spiritually.  And our attempts (over generations) to give it that role has made us “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”.

As soon as the movie was over I made a decision and within 12 hours I began my own juice fast and today I am pleased to announce I am on day 17 of what I set out to be a 14-21 day experience.  I did it not to lose weight (but I have :-) ) or to improve my physical health (though I am – people are telling me my skin is glowing :-) ) but to get a handle on my own unhealthy emotional and mental relationship with food.

And it is working – or at least at this point I am gaining clarity on what triggers my desire to eat and am finding other avenues.  And, when those triggers hit, I am using the tools (Sedona Method, the Rose, and others I have written about) to systematically defuse them – one at a time.

And the triggers are weakening.

Binge eating will never satisfy the emptiness you are speaking about – and you know that.  The emptiness you are experiencing is coming from a disconnect between the you walking around in physical form – and the Higher You – the one that recognizes and celebrates your connection to the all that is.  And the Binge Eating is really doing nothing other then feeding that disconnect.

The most important “step” you can take is to make the decision that you have had enough.  To decide that there is nothing more important then to rediscover yourself – and that you will take whatever steps to make that happen.  Once that decision is made then the specific plan will fall in place – and perhaps – just perhaps – a Juice Fast (with a Doctors Guidance if you have any medical concerns) may be just the ticket you need to break the addiction that is/has kept so many of us from knowing who we really are.

Please keep in touch and let us know how things are going – and – if anyone wants to know more about my experience with the Juice Fast please ask your questions in the comment section below.  I would also love to hear about others experiences – especially relating to this emotion/mental food addiction issue.

Loving the Journey – Even the Rocky Parts….

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3 Responses to “Ask Cyndi – Binge Eating to Fill Emptiness…..”

  1. Carol says:

    Hi Cyndi,
    Occasionally, I have a lot of hunger, these are times I’m not offering my body the nutritional meal needed. I eat right for my type and make raw chocolate my daily dessert. If I run out for a few days and try to fill that void with store chocolate, I can’t get enough. Raw chocolate is so nutritious it fills in nutriants and minerals de-natured foods can’t provide. I have lost fat indulging in it nightly, just a little goes a long way. Plus you get to feel the happy chemicals it produces. Eating mystery food and never getting enough? Eat raw chocolate and go to bed satisfied. Binging maybe less about emotion stability and more about nutrition lack because when we feel bad we are likely to eat poorly.

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  2. Debbie says:

    I was recently given a bag of about fifty full-sized chocolate bars (mostly 75% cacao – not sure if that qualifies as the “raw chocolate” Carol mentioned). My neighbour got them from a friend, but admitted he really didn’t like that kind of candy. Well, I’ll eat anything, and I have been indulging a bit, but not a much as I thought I would. You see, going out to the store and buying a chocolate treat every payday was definitely tapping into my hunter/gathering instinct. (I used to pick wild berries with my mom when I was a kid. That really was fun! And much healthier.) Anyway, when I suddenly had an ample supply of my favorite forbidden food, I began to actually lose interest. So, should you surround yourself with chips and fried chicken to lose weight? I don’t think so. But maybe going out and digging the potatoes and chasing Farmer John’s rooster around the farm with a hatchet maybe part of the answer. We modern people have forgotten where our food comes from and how much hard work it is to prepare it. By the way, I traded some homemade raisin tarts for the chocolate, so maybe my neighbour got the better deal.

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  3. Rosalind says:

    Dear Monica – I can so identify with where you are! I am vegan so eat a very natural, healthy diet, and I excercise regularly – generally I respect my body and its needs. Nevertheless I do battle with unnecessary trips to the kitchen especially at the end of the day – I KNOW it is because I feel unfulfilled, becasue my day hasn’t brought me any closer to realising my dreams. I try to be centred before I do shopping so that even if I do have a late-night “binge” it is on raw carrots or something, simply because I haven’t stocked up on “bad” stuff. But ultimately I recognise that I must implement strategies to take me where I want to go because only then will that inner void be filled. Cyndi’s advice to go on a Juice Fast is great because it will take ones focus off “the emptiness and the problem” and give one an achievable goal to concentrate on, and hopefully something that one can congratulate oneself for once completed. How about we “partner” one another in this venture – pledge a 21 day period of healthy, no-binge eating during which we keep a private journal and perhaps share our experiences from time to time? I also live alone, and have done for several years since my children left home, so I really do understand your emotions.

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