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Ask Cyndi – I Can’t Let It Go

After the loss of two babies I have spent a few years trying to get on top of things. I feel that I have come a long way and I now know the direction in which I want to go and the things I want to do (like having another child) I feel that my husband doesn’t feel that I am serious and I am having trouble talking to him about this. This is something that I feel is right for me and that I really need to do. He does not feel the same way. We already have two children and for him this is enough.

But I can’t let it go.

Hi April;

I sit in presence for you and your family.

Without knowing more I sense that any comment I make here will be in some way incomplete.  I am not even certain what your question is.  That said – there are a few thoughts I would like to share with the intent that you find within them something of value that will support you during this time in your life.

Within each moment/story exists the opportunity for expansion and divine connection.  Your circumstances are no exception.   When we are in the space of Divine Connection (when My Will and the Divine Will are one) then the path chosen will light up – and the actions taken will “feel” right – through and through – even when logic or the outside world appears to  be against the chosen path.

As long as there is still uncertainty – or resistance – or frustration – then there are areas within us that can be released – and it is my recommendation that the primary focus be on the release – until the time that you get to that place that Lester Levenson calls “Hootlessness”.

Hootlessness is a space where you can remain in peace regardless of  your life circumstance.  And from this space of peace the actions that serve your Highest and Best will light up – you will know what to do without question.

How to release?  There are many techniques being taught – such as EFT, The Work, and the Sedona Method.  Any method that allows you to look at the story you are attached to will work.

There is more that I can write about communication and relationships and being heard – all points of frustration I sense from your question – but the more I sit with this situation the more I want to suggest that you go inside and release any attachment you have to a specific path and instead allow the Divine Path to reveal itself to you.

May Love and Light Fill Your Day – and Your Thoughts

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3 Responses to “Ask Cyndi – I Can’t Let It Go”

  1. AdminCyndi says:

    from Stella…

    I was told aftre many miscarriages that I wouldnt be able to have any more, either,
    so I feel for you in this story. I spent years trying to deal with it, get “past”
    it or “over” it, and until I released what I was holding spiritually, I wasn’t able
    to get on with other things, and didn’t realize how that subject of having more
    children affected other things in my life, until I “let go”.

    Thank you for writing this article, and for being a strong enough woman to share.

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  2. Oscar S. Halum says:

    Dear Stella,
    Greetings! I read your letter to Cindy. Please do not be discouraged about having a number of miscarriages. It so happened that your miscarriages may have some genetic abnormalities incompatible with life. As long as you are in your reproductive years of your life, you have always the chance to get pregnant, a chance to have a normal pregnancy, a chance to have a full term normal pregnancy and have a normal baby. So I suggest that you just put your frustrations behind and go on with your productive life. Good luck.

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  3. PJ says:

    I love it. Thank you for the new perspective you’ve given me to consider. Just an added comment for April. If you are unable to talk the situation over with your
    husband, the man you have committed to walk this path with, then perhaps you need to sit and ponder why that is before you continue down your selected path. You may find yourself walking through your chosen experience alone. Is that what you want?

    Love & Blessings,

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