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Ask Cyndi: I Have An Anger Problem……

Dear Cyndi,

I’ve been meditating for over 20 yrs & sharing my knowledge & experience with others.But I’ve this major problem of anger & reacting with verbal assault to people who matter most.I realize it & cool off soon. But by then the harm is done & I’ve put my most important relationships in jeopardy. Can this music & meditation help me? Could you pl guide me to get connected to my higher self? Pankaj.


Hi Pankaj;

If you are asking whether or not the Super Mind Music can help you – than absolutely – I believe it can.  I continually go back to listen to various tracks depending upon my mood – and I almost always feel a shift. You can sign up for a trial membership to the VIP for $4.95 here….  Super Mind VIP Club

Will the Super Mind Music – just by listening – eliminate your anger?  Maybe – but I doubt it.  For that I expect some conscious attention on your part is required – both before an outburst – and when you feel one coming.  Once you become conscious enough – and intentional in your desire to react in a different way – you will absolutely be able to shift what feels like for you has become a habitual way of reacting to the world.

But first….

Please consider letting yourself off the hook for what you may have done in the past.  The only moment that truly exists is the present one – and the past is only harmful because of the memories, and the beliefs and emotions within the memories, that we hold on to.  When you forgive yourself fully for whatever you may have done yesterday you free up tremendous amounts of energy – which can then be used to create the Now and Future that you most desire.

If you are willing may I suggest you….

1) Sit and take a moment to breath naturally and slowly.  Allow your eyes to close and settle into your body.  After a few moments allow yourself to “feel as much anger as you can in this moment”  Welcome the sensations of anger – as well as all the stories that come with it…

(yes – I am suggesting you do this now – even though you may not be consciously aware of feeling angry.  Negative emotions don’t necessarily arrive with an external trigger.  They are held in the physical and energetic bodies – and when you consciously welcome the emotion – without trying to change it – it will come to the surface)

As the anger appears do not attempt to change it – simply allow it.  Notice in what part of the body it is coming from and allow your self to continue to just breath and allow and watch…

As best you can…

And then – just ask yourself…

Can I let this go?

and if by chance you answer no – ask yourself…

Would I let it go if I could?  When?

and then – if you would like – repeat the process by welcoming any and all anger ….

This is a basic Sedona Method technique and you will  find it highly effective as long as you remember to relax and allow and watch – do not judge the anger – and especially do not get invested in whatever story may show up that attempts to support the anger.

You can take a few minutes every day to work with the above until you find that when you sit and welcome anger nothing but spaciousness appears.   You may also find that underneath the anger is other emotions – such as sadness or fear.  If that occurs than welcome those emotions the same as the anger.   The key is in the allowing of what is without looking to fix it.

The other “little” life saver I want to share is a simple question you can ask yourself whenever you feel a negative emotion brewing.  The question is….

“Would I rather hold on to this anger or would I rather be happy?”

or….  “Would I rather be right or happy?”

When you recognize that their is nothing more important then feeling Happy Now – it becomes nothing more then a breath to let go of uncomfortable feelings before they are spread to others.

Please keep in touch and let us know how these tools are supporting your journey – I care…

With Joy and In Celebration of This Most Magnificent Journey



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