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Ask Cyndi – I Love Me When I Am With You

I’ve been trying very hard in every aspect of life and I’ve been doing well with my work and investment. however, I’ve been very unhappy in my relationship, i don’t feel understood, well cared for and appreciated, and i could not get the sort of affection physically and emotionally, and it’s very hard to get on with him as he procrastinates, forgetful, extremely disorganized, so life is extremely frustrating. I want to separate with him, but worry about the kids welfare and my christian belief. I feel stuck. I’ve tried a lot of things, self improvement courses, mind movies, meditation, lots of seminars and counseling (with him as well). I pray all the time.I’m hoping miracle will occur.

Hi Agnes;

I celebrate with you in all the areas of your life where you have been successful. Please take a moment now and pat yourself on the back – you deserve it :-)

Relationship is one of the most interesting games we human’s play – within each one of our relationships lies an ability for us to know ourselves – to discover our buttons, our baggage – and to expand past and through it all to the experience of our highest and best lives.

And the more stuck we feel in the moment – the greater the potential for awakening as we let it go.

Do you feel the truth in this?

We can never change another person – and life never gets better because someone else changes. It is not until we take full responsibility for the story we are living that real change is made. And – we will never be able to get someone else to provide for us what we have not been able to provide for ourselves.

A True Love Relationship is being in a space where we can say “I Love Me When I Am With You”

Agnes – it is time for you to step up to the plate and learn to love, appreciate and care for yourself – it is time for you to become your own best friend. When you recognize, truly recognize, that you are and will always be the most important person in your life then the steps necessary to take you into the next best version of you will become clear.

There is much more I can say – but for now it feels as though it is best to leave you with this one very clear message. Love appreciate and care for yourself. Look inside for all that you have been searching outside for and your path will be made clear.

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4 Responses to “Ask Cyndi – I Love Me When I Am With You”

  1. Victoria says:

    I liked your reply to Agnes :)

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  2. Leila says:

    Relationships are mysterious things and our relationship with ourself is one of the most mysterious. I like your reply Cyndi and I agree that it’s easy to overlook our own needs in favour of the more obvious needs of another. Finding a happy compromise is my favourite option.

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  3. Hazel says:

    “Look inside for all that you have been searching outside for and your path will be made clear.”

    This is great advice-my life and my relationship was transformed a while back when I remodelled my life along these lines


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  4. Madeleine says:

    What a lovely reply!
    And yes Agnes….why waste energy in trying to “fix” someone else??? (Especially when they procrastinate and forget :-) )

    I too am testament of how my relationship “miraculously” transformed when I started to turn my criticism of him into opportunities for me to accept myself.
    The one I can especially relate with was how frustrating it was to watch how disorganized he was…..and how i started to turn my attention to my own disorganized nature. Of course I long ago tried not to be as it was something my mom always criticized me for…But yes – I did have a disorganized nature….

    I turned all my previous lessons onto myself and started to accept even those parts of me that I always thought were ugly. I started to forgive my short comings and gradually learnt to love myself just as I am.

    The more I loved myself the more I loved him and he me…..

    Today i continue to find new areas to love and accept myself – Enjoy the journey Agnes.

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