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Ask Cyndi: Are All Things Really Possible for Me?

Thank you very much for answering questions and for stating that All Things are Possible.

I live in a developing country in Africa.My childhood dream was to become an electrical engineer.At one time when I was in form 7 I attempted to make a turbine using a car Dynamo but it failed since I did have enough water flow and resources to build a dam on a stream of water that was flowing near our home. In my high School I studied science Chemistry,physics,biology and Maths.I attempted to make a simple cell using an weak acid from bitter lemon but it never worked.

I have a bachelor degree in Biomedical laboratory Technology I work with a clinical research organization.The reason why I did not study engineering is because my Maths and Physics were poor.Now I have an affirmation that I will become a billionaire when I do business but my business is not doing well. I have a feeling that one day I will discover something that will help the whole world but I do not know what. I also have an interest in Agriculture.  I do not know whether my invention will come from this field.

My personal weakness is that I am slow at whatever I am doing and some times my colleagues complain however they commend me that I am so meticulous and usually make few mistakes.

Now Cyndi how do I achieve my dreams. What makes inventors bring new things to the world? Do you think that I can invent too? Does ones race and education matter to be an inventor?
I will be very grateful to your response.

God bless you.

Hi Africano;

First things first….

One’s race and education do not determine whether or not one can become an inventor.

But you knew that already :-)

Nor is it determined by one’s grades – or other people’s perceptions of your abilities – unless you allow it to be.

It all depends upon you.

Our dreams and passions are ours for a reason – and when we learn to listen and to trust and to act from that space of trust than all things are possible.

Here’s something for you to consider that may make your path clearer…

I have read your question a number of times and what I am left with is the sense that you have two goals…

1) You wish to become a “billionaire”

2) You have a desire to invent

Part of your current struggle may be due to the coupling of the two.

Without going into a detailed description on manifesting (I expect you have read a thing or two on the subject) I have a couple of ideas that may help you move forward…

1) A Billion dollars is a lot of $$ – much more than I can envision for myself (at least today).  One aspect of manifesting that I believe is helpful – especially in the beginning – is to make your goals “believable”.  Set the goal to increase your income by 50% in 6 months – and when you achieve that – set a new goal to double it again in 3 months.  Whatever the specifics – make it something that you can visualize and feel good about.

2) Don’t limit the “how” of how the money is going to come – allow the Universe to offer you  choices – and pay attention – and act – when an offer comes your way.  James Goi Jr.’s series on Attracting $$ using Mind Power is a great resource to study and implement.

3) Invent for the joy of inventing.  Put aside time each day to play and explore and experiment.  Let go of wanting to be known as an “inventor” – and stop thinking about the $$ that you will make with that one big invention.  Work with your ideas because you love the challenge of it.  Allow yourself to dream and then put those ideas into action.  Let the journey be the goal  – and enjoy the process.  It is when we can play in this way that we allow miracles to come into our world.

So – what do you think Africano?  Does this feel right to you?  Please let us know if you have any more questions – and keep us informed about your findings during your experimentations.

And if anyone else has any ideas for Africano please share  – together we really can create a world where All Things Are Possible.

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8 Responses to “Ask Cyndi: Are All Things Really Possible for Me?”

  1. James Goi Jr says:

    Great questions and great answer! Thank you for mentioning my articles Cyndi!

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  2. Ron says:

    The message to the engineer from Africa is what Einstein said ” Imagination is more important than books”. Go for your dreams friend.

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  3. claudia says:

    Dear Africano,

    My heart resonates with you. I understand how you feel and where you are coming from.I also am from a developing african nation and it hasnt stopped me yet! Cyndi has answered your questions beautifully. I hope you take the answers and run with it. It would light your path as it has mine. May your soul flow with bubbling and un-inhibitable creativity that would change our world for good.

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  4. aaron says:

    Dear Africano,

    I heard a couple things before that I am merging together to apply in a personal dream that I have. Its was said that if you ask any man who achieved something great if he knew beforehand the sequence of steps that it would take to achieve his dream he would have a looong story to tell as he was not aware of them but as a start merely phase
    1. The 2nd part to this was something said by Louise Hay, and she
    stated so elequently that “the instructions are handed along the way” in our pusuits…..so Africano….listen for those given instructions and follow them. You put out certain “seeds of desire” and the curious aspect is that you don’t know WHEN these seeds will bloom into something fabulous. Good luck and happy persevering!!

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  5. Leila says:

    Hi Africano, I think Cyndi’s advice is great and works for any creative project. It is important to have fun and not let the idea of the project take over from that. If I feel overwhelmed by the prospect of a large project I like to break it down into smaller sized plans that don’t overwhelm me and that will lead me on towards my bigger goal. Vishen Lakhiani has a great system called goal journalling that runs on this.

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  6. Andrea says:

    At this time you are a ‘billionaire in training’. You say your business is not going well. If you sat down and looked at your present business without criticising it or blaming yourself – what do you know needs doing to make your business go well?

    If you write it down and then make a serious plan to make those changes you will have done more billionaire training AND improved your business.

    If you are doing work in your business that is a struggle for you – can you find someone who actually loves to do that work, and is better than you are at doing it? Who would benefit in ways they value from helping you? Hire them in some way that is fair and then you are free to do more of your own work to grow the business.

    If you can access a business coach or mentor to grow yourself to billionaire size you’ll move along more quickly, make fewer delaying mistakes, learn better habits.

    For inventing things: you need to keep filling your mind with fuel from many sources. You mentioned agriculture. Do you visit with and work with local farmers? Talk with farming advisors? Read information from other countries? make yourself aware of changes and challenges?

    Are you interested in improving and adapting and innovating with mechanical systems? What have you seen that’s been made elsewhere (say a milking system) that looks good but needs to be seriously modified to suit the conditions and livestock in your country? Have you got a workshop where you can tinker? Have you got people you can
    turn to for making special parts? Can you turn your ideas into prototypes for testing and improving? Inventions come from sustained focus on fascinating problems or challenges – mind and hands. So do innovations. If you deliberately start with improvements and innovations you will get deeply into all the aspects and your mind
    will have a lot of good fuel for piecing together.

    And notice, on paper, when you’ve had ideas in the direction of your intentions. Give your subconscious good feedback and tell it what you’d like more of. You’ll start getting it.

    Just remember that billionaires have taken the time to develop sound business systems and a set of wise advisors who know about working at that level. Start working up in the company you keep and the advice you listen to. Go after what satisfies you deeply.

    And prosper others… :-) ))

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  7. Larry (Buz) Fourmet says:

    Dear Africano,

    I am an instructor at a community college and found out ten years ago that I have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). I have always had it but did not have a name or the knowledge to understand it. I have done a great deal of research since then and what I have found is that learning disabilities (LD) are far more common than most people know.

    The last estimate I looked at for the United States was 18 to 20 percent of the population has some form and degree of LD, which translates into approximately 60 Million people. It has nothing to do with your intelligence, only in the way your brain processes information.

    I went through many years of emotional struggle and shame because many things came to be understood only with great difficulty. I spent many years believing that I was stupid an incapable of succeeding at anything that I wanted to do. So I did many things I knew I could but often times hated doing.

    The most insidious part of it is that we develop fear or False Evidence Appearing Real (F.E.A.R.). 85 to 90 percent of our fear in life comes from poor or wrong information that is passed on by well-meaning family, friends and peers. Most of this comes in our early years when our knowledge base is to low to see it as misinformation. It creates in us what is called learned helplessness and traps us into limiting beliefs and thinking, this intern creates a fear of making mistakes and necessary risk taking.

    What so many like you and I are not taught is that no success has been or ever will be accomplished without failure preceding it; you especially know that, because that is the premise of science and discovery. Unfortunately we fail to carry that process over into the learning of life. Failure if learned from, is simply a stepping stone on the path to success.

    For me, I had to learn that I had to work twice to three times as hard as most others to get half the results. I have since learned that even though it takes me longer to learn, when I get it, I have got it stronger and more deeply than those to whom it came easily.

    You would be astounded at the names of some of the greatest artists, scientist and inventors throughout history that are believed to have had LD. One of the most known was Leonardo Da Vinci, We suspect this because over one hundred thousand of his drawing still exist to this day. He was often times criticized because he didn’t finish most of what he started, this is a big symptom of ADD and ADHD, and there is no need to say what he did finish because that is why we know his name to day.

    When I was in high school my fear of having to speak or even read out loud in class could be described as near total paralysis while throwing-up, I now am living my passion of speaking in front of as many as two hundred people at one time. I actually volunteer to give seminars to college students and the general public on how to overcome F.E.A.R.

    I believed until I was fifty-eight years old that I could not and never would understand math. Then one day due to budget cuts my job went away and I was given the opportunity to teach in another location, the condition was that I had to teach math. I was faced with my original learned helplessness F.E.A.R. and the ultimatum of no job. I asked for help, and the staff patiently worked with me until I got it. I can now teach math, often times more effectively than my peers because I know firsthand how others struggle to learn it.

    The most important thing to remember is that if you find your true passion and expose your F.E.A.R for what it is, whatever else you want in life will begin to effortlessly flow to you like an underground stream appearing out of a desert wasteland.

    I am ready to retire, it has taken me most of my life to come to the knowledge I now possess. For me it was the journey I needed in order to learn to become more effective as a teacher and lecturer. For me it is the beginning of a new and wonderful stage of my life. This is where I can live my passion to help others to understand sooner, what I now know. Much of what I would like to teach you can only come from life I do not know how I will achieve my passion, I just know that it will materialize because it is my passion and I willing to take whatever action or amount of work that will be required.

    So Africano, If you have managed to become something you had to work hard to become that you didn’t really want to be, how hard are you willing to work to learn Math and Physics to become what you really, really want? A quote that I live by is “find your passions, find a job doing them and you will never have to work another day in your life.”

    Is your passion greater than your F.E.A.R. of inadequacy? The decision is yours and no one else’s. The only thing that gets in the way of our success is our self-defeating beliefs. We are all here for a great purpose; our job is to dig through all the insignificant many to find the precious significant few.

    It is my sincere hope that this will in some small way help you on your quest for answers.

    A friend

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  8. Africano says:

    Hi Cyndi.
    I thank you very much for your great answer to my question.
    I have have made me realize that my two goals were in conflict and I did not know
    which path to take.
    I have decided to pursue goal 1 of becoming a billionaire. As you rightly say it is
    a very big dream and it appears unattainable.I will follow your advice to break it
    down in achievable short, medium and long term goals and double my income
    periodically. I believe that by 2030 I will have achieved my dream.
    Cyndi, I would like to request you for advice on goal setting and actions needed to
    attain them.

    Please allow me to thank all those on the blog who gave me advice and
    encouragement.They include Ron,Claudia,Aaron,Leila, Andrea and Larry.THANK YOU and

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