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Ask Cyndi – I Must Have a Major Block Somewhere

I have been studying for years many of the concepts you mentioned above. I meditate, believe, take action, study, and teach what I know to others. I own my own business (started 1987)and am very proactive with it. According to what I have studied, I must have a major block somewhere (I have no idea where)because my sales have gone down the last several years and I have not been able to hire the quality salespeople
I need. It would appear I need a lot of help. Help!

Hi Kevin :)

Words and beliefs can really color our life experience – can’t they ?

Why are you so convinced that this “block” has to be a major one?  Perhaps it just appears major and is in fact not much more than a distracting irritation – sort of like a fly buzzing in your ear.

The earth is an interesting  place at the moment – has been for the past few years and will continue to be for years to come.   People all over the world are having experiences that for many appear tragic – or at least chaotic.   The key to moving through this time is to keep our focus on the goal (joy, peace, happiness,prosperity, service….) and to look at the distractions with as much amusement as we can.

Step out of this sense that you are “doing something wrong” or that you have some huge immovable unseen boulder in your way and look at your current life experience with a bit of amused interest.  Use this time to look at how you may still be attached to some fear thoughts (and use whatever tools you use to transform fear) and then turn your attention back on to those things that bring you joy and satisfaction.

You hired some people that didn’t perform as well as you have liked?  Terrific – Look at the experience and ask yourself what you can learn from it and then move on…

Sales are down?  Interesting…  Feeling Fear about the Future – terrific – because you have just brought to the surface what until this time has been hidden – and once it is on the surface it can be transformed.  Use whatever tools you like to use to do that – or simply use this Sedona Method based technique….

*Take a few breathes and feel yourself in your body

*Let yourself feel “the fear” as much as you can.  Without trying to change it just pay attention to how it is manifesting in your body.  Don’t resist it – just open to it with interest and curiousity.

*Now allow yourself to feel what it feels like to want to change the feeling – or change the life experience you think has caused the feeling – really push up against it and let yourself want to change it as much as you do.

*Now allow yourself to experience the “wanting security” that is embedded in the fear.  Let yourself feel how much you hold onto the belief that your survival depends upon the success of your business.  Allow the full experience of it.

*And then drop it all  – just let it go.  Just for now experience what it would feel like without the fear.

I could be wrong – but my strong sense is that your current experience is not about a block – you don’t have to fix anything.  What you are experiencing now is a gift – an opportunity to release lower vibrational energies that have held you down for generations.  So release them…

And have fun with it.

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4 Responses to “Ask Cyndi – I Must Have a Major Block Somewhere”

  1. Amy says:

    Cyndi, I read the article- your reply to Kevin. Your advice really resonates with me. I have become a self-help student- I subscribe to many newsletters and self-help programs. I am always trying to follow the advice you gave him- to apply it to situations in my life.
    Thank you!

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  2. AdminCyndi says:

    Hi, Cyndi! I am not sure this is where I post a comment, but I wanted to let you know that your response to Kevin’s question was exactly what i needed to hear in my life right now (surprise surprise!). As someone who tends to think I must be “doing something wrong”, I loved the change of perspective. Your advice to remove myself from the situation to ask with amused interest, “what is the gift, or what can I learn from this?” is exactly the reminder I needed. Thank you for this!!!


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  3. AdminCyndi says:

    From Anne…

    A few years ago, I was desperate. No job prospects, savings exhausted, and my cat had just died. I could have conducted classes on “creative visualization,” but nothing worked. One day I realized that I had to raise my own sense of self-worth.
    Such a simple thing to do affirmations like “I deserve good things,” but doing so completely changed my life. When you figure out what your limiting belief is and deal with it, amazing things do happen. Now I have a great job doing what I love in a beautiful place.

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  4. Lezlie Ely says:

    Yes – remembering to focus on the goal – joy, happiness, peace, prosperity, being of service – the big one for me. I believe if I keep that goal close at all times when getting distracted w/stuff, fears, etc. it WILL make a difference.

    Thankyou for sharing…Love & Light ~ lezlie

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