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Ask Cyndi – My Life is Boring

I find myself extremely bored all the time. My job is boring, my relationships are boring, my life is boring. Even the things that used to excite me are now just mundane and repetitive. If I think about what I want, all I can really come up with is “I want to be happy” without really knowing any specifics.

I guess what I really want, is to know what I want. I have tried yoga, meditation, teachings of  Abraham, The Sedona Method, brain entrainment.. nothing seems to help me get to the next level, and out of the mediocrity.

What am I missing?

I suspect it is love.. but then why am I not allowing it into my life?

Is it because I don’t love myself?

Well then how do I accomplish that?

I know I’m not alone.

Dear Brian;

You are not alone

When you say that you have “tried” yoga, meditation, Abraham, The Sedona Method  – does that mean that you took a class or two – “practiced” it once or twice or 100 times, than decided it wasn’t working and then gave it up?

Also – by your answer – are you also saying that while engaged in these practices you weren’t able to move up in vibration – even a little bit?

Could it be instead that while actively engaged in your practice of choice there was a shift in how you viewed your life experience – but the shift didn’t last – and you found yourself again feeling bored with life?

Sitting in a state such as boredom can become a habit – and one that “feels” difficult to step out of.  But it’s not difficult – it is simple (though not always easy) – it really is just a matter of choosing – over and over and over again – to feel differently.

My recommendation is that you keep it really simple – at least for the next 3 weeks.  If you are up for the challenge I would like to suggest that you focus on just one of Abraham’s most powerful techniques…

Reach for Something that Feels Just a Little Better

For the next 21 days – each time you notice that you are bored or feeling down or frustrated with life – challenge yourself to reach for a thought that feels just a bit better.  For instance, if you find yourself bored with your job you can tell yourself…

..At least I have a job

..This job affords me the opportunity to bring in $$ which I can use to purchase things that I like,  like the meal I had last week with George.  I enjoyed that meal – the food nourished me – body and soul – it would be fun to learn how to create meals that are nourishing and enjoyable – I think I may use some of this money I get to take a cooking class – yeah – a cooking class feels good….

“Reality” or even what you really intend to do has nothing much to do with this exercise.  This exercise is simply about making the decision to continuously reach for a thought that feels just a bit better than the last one.  Over and over and over again.

At first this exercise may prove challenging.  The hole that you now find yourself in may appear deep – but keep reaching for that thought that feels better and it will become easier and easier.

Within 3 weeks of continuously reaching for thoughts that feel just a little bit better you will find that you have walked out of that hole and are beginning to decided which mountain you would like to climb.

And as for “what I want”  I like your approach – “Intend Happiness”  and let the Universe provide it to you in whatever flavor serves your Highest and Best Good.

Finally (for now) here’s Abraham speaking on the importance of reaching for that place that feels just a little bit better…

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8 Responses to “Ask Cyndi – My Life is Boring”

  1. Brian says:

    Hi Cindy, I do regularly practice the “reaching for a better thought” technique when I am feeling down and it works wonders.
    I think you mistook my state as depressive, which I fully understand in re-reading my letter. I think my true state would be described as neutrality.
    In response to my “trying” many different techniques, I have never really given up on any. I fully acknowledge that they work and have raised my vibration tremendously, with some aspects being interwoven into my daily life.. while other aspects simply became boring, or I could just not find the time or place in my life to practice.
    I think the true intent of my query was to find out how to get to the next level. Awaken from this illusion. Discover a higher purpose.
    I know all these questions you could not possibly answer without knowing me, but I assure you that just the process of asking you has begun bringing me the answers that I seeked!
    So for helping me form the questions and igniting the law of attractions to bring me the answers I seeked.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

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  2. AdminCyndi says:

    Hi Brian;

    Hale, in the Sedona Method – talks about this state of “neutrality” that you speak of – and the importance of not stopping there. The same techniques that take us from depression to neutrality will take us from neutrality to – well bliss – and even past bliss to that space of peace that needs no reason to be.

    I am so glad that the answers you are seeking are arriving – how wonderful ….

    As for awakening into this moment… hmmmm

    Have you ever worked with Eckhart Tolle’s teachings? How about asking yourself…

    “Where Am I Now?” And then breathing into the answer…

    and then ask yourself…. “What more do I need in this moment Now?” and when an answer comes up look at that answer and ask…

    “Is that true is it really true? Do I need this thing or feeling to Be?”

    and than ask again “”What more do I need in this moment Now?” and “Is that really true?, Do I need this to BE?”

    have fun with this – and please come back and tell all of us what you experience…

    Loving Life :-)

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  3. Individuals who have feelings of “being bored” not achieving etc in spite of dedicated practice, may simply have a deficiency of nutrients essential to the mitochondrial function of the brain.

    If we accept that our body contains up to one hundred trillion cells, it is important, also, to know that each and every cell contains on average two thousand organelles known as Mitochondrion. These are the powerhouses of our body. Taking up eighty percent of the oxygen we breath and up to forty one nutrients, our mitochondria function flat out every millisecond of our life.

    Many and divers factors may affect the functioning of our mitochondria, some, occuring in pregnancy, may result in an infant with abnormalities of personality including but by no means confined to autism, aspergers, or ADHD.

    As we age environmental factors, both global and personal may and increasingly do, affect brain/mind function. Hence the frightening increase of Alzheimer’s Disease in our society in the past three or four decades.

    It is therefore prudent to look at the big picture when mind is not what we would like it to be.

    As a scientist specialising in halting brain aging, and a Buddhist preceptor, one knows that “what is matter does not matter, what is mind is all there is. More to follow

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  4. Ron says:

    Finding your passions in life will guide you thru the rest of your life in total happiness. The wants, desires and accomplishments will follow in your best life ever will appear right before your very eyes.

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  5. Jonathan Lee says:

    Hi Brian,
    When I read posts of people that share the kind of predicament that you are troubled with, I think to myself how is that possible? Life has granted me almost the opposite and it is because of those spiritual practices that you listed above. I really love meditation though. I actually recommend a great book to you. You might have already read it. I know its popularity is very high. “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior” This book really put life into a perspective that causes me to celebrate and rejoice everyday of my life. Even in tough times because I have found myself in plenty of those.

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  6. Amy says:

    I want to thank Cindi for posting the article. Brian, I know how you have been feeling- I’ve been there myself for a while. I recently went back to school after spending a period of time looking for work in my “chosen” field, and found a new “chosen” field. However, it’s a slow process. I’ve been meditating too, but sometimes, I feel very bored. I ask myself why I’m bored when I’m working on improving my life. I think it’s because I’m in a hurry to get to the next phase- I want the job without the school. I just wanted to say that I understand the feeling.

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  7. Ron says:

    Brian, in regards to boredom, I feel the way you do sometimes. However when I focus on spirituality and continually try to discover my true purpose in life things become much more interesting. Cyndi’s comments in reaching for a better thought are very enriching. The intent is to resonate with a positive vibration that makes you feel good internally. I personally attempt like you do and millions others to use repetitive methods of choice in order to grow and develop more positive habits. It’s almost as if you have to become a spritual warrior to attain that next level. I can relate to your challenge but imagine being your own hero in overcoming it. I do this on a daily basis.

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  8. Athena says:

    The processes you are doing sound wonderful and I also agree with all the advice here and your answers.
    I’d also like to suggest the following but before I do: I can sometimes identify with what you are saying. I am in the process of changing careers and sometimes my current job bores me silly! But in these times I remind myself of Abraham Hick’s Emotional Guidance Scale and I say to myself: Being bored is higher up the scale than being fearful, worried, angry, resentful, frustrated or overwhelmed. And the only things higher up on the Emotional Guidance Scale are things like: Contentment, hopefullness, believing and knowing.
    So I have felt worse than this and I am happy that I am NOT feeling angry, resentful, worried, fearful, frustrated or overwhelmed right now. And I am on my way to the good stuff like Contentment, hopefulness, believing and knowing. And THAT is not boring – - – it’s EXCITING!
    What inspired action choices could you make in your own life?
    Could you join some meet up groups and other groups that might make it easier to meet new people? Through a party and invite people in your relationships and friendships to bring THEIR friends (to widen your circle)
    Go out new places and do new things in your current relationships, perhaps there are things that sound interesting to you but you haven’t tried them yet – for instance, I want to try indoor rock climbing and sailing at some stage, what about you?
    Save up and travel somewhere that appeals to you?
    Is it time to start thinking about a career change and gradually working towards this?
    Back to Abraham again, a version of “pivoting” here:
    What is boring about your life (relationships, job etc) and what is the opposite of that?
    This might help to give you some clarity too.
    Are there any sports or exercise classes (e.g. tai bo, swimming, walks in the park, absailing for e.g. you might enjoy?

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