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Ask Cyndi – How Do We Get Folks to Lighten Up?

I am so thrilled to read that there is someone out there that has many of the same beliefs as myself. My motto has always been that “anything is possible” and believe is one of my favorite words, right up there with imagination & laughter. But I was especially excited when I read about the Fairies!! I am a painter of Fairie statues and I am in the process of building my website to sell my art. I too hesitated about mentioning that I believed in Fairies and have met several folks like yourself that have seen them, some have even had encounters of a good nature. I think it is sad that we feel that we must use caution when stating what we think & feel. Why is it that people are so afraid to believe in something. They only need to lift the veil from their eyes, allow their imagination to be free, and embrace all the possibilities. Tell me what you think about how we can get folks to lighten up and not condemn those of us who dare to believe. Thank you for believing and daring to admit it. Clap your hands if you believe in Fairies! Clap,Clap, Clap!!!! A little humor!!

Hi Patti;

LOL – Clap Clap Clap….

First – how exciting you are celebrating faeries through art – please contact me when your site is ready and perhaps we can feature some of your work on the ezine…

For most of my adult life I didn’t believe in what I didn’t personally experience – and truth be told – even once I began to connect and spend more and more time outside what most would consider the “norm” I still had a difficult time holding on and believing what I was experiencing.  It was a bit like the story frequently told of how when the Native Americans looked upon the Sea they did not see the Spanish Ships sailing towards them.  Ships that large were so outside their understanding of what was possible their brains filtered out the image and all they saw was the open sea.

But I most certainly believe now :)   My experiences have forced me into this wonderful space of knowing that I don’t know anything – what a relief because there was a time that I thought I did (know everything) and what I knew kept me in a pretty low space.

If I feel any sadness – it’s not because of anyone who may or may not believe my stories.  It is because I still hold on to that hesitation to share them.  That’s my stuff – no one elses.

And here’s the amazing thing – every time I step outside my comfort zone and share my experiences I find that many more people understand and believe and I become even that much more connected…

And – I also realize that it doesn’t matter that there may be some who think I am imagining things.  In the words of Wayne Dyer “What Other People Think of Me is None of My Business”.

Would love to hear about other people’s experiences with the faeries (or elves or gnomes or…)- if you feel inspired please share your stories in the comment section at the end of the post.  I expect that if enough of us share our stories we will be clearing the way for many many more of us to be able to dance with the faeries :-)

Loving the Journey


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3 Responses to “Ask Cyndi – How Do We Get Folks to Lighten Up?”

  1. Cyndi,
    I was delighted that you read and so kindly responded to my post. I have my website up and is visible on the net, I consider it a work in progress!!! There are many pictures I have shard both of Fairies for sale and ones I painted but could not part with.
    As for people I have met that who have actually seen the Fairies I was most impressed by a woman I had met through my job. I was a Customer Relations Mgr and met many folks but this woman had such a story to tell as she was a cancer survivor. She joked about her Chemo and losing her hair and had this amazing spirit that I was drawn to her. Our conversation about the Fairies all came about because I had started bringing my statues to my office just to have around me, they were not for sale. But this woman so much enjoyed seeing them that she shared her story with me about seeing the Fairies. After her Chemo she went to a respite for recovering Cancer patients and it was there that she encountered the Fairies, obviously Healing Fairies! I was was so blown away by her willingness to share her experience and especially since she was a very prominent person, one that most people would consider credible. I was grateful for the sharing and grateful that she was not afraid who she told. There were so many folks that I met that shared their stories (some of rescue) simply because of my Fairies in my office and that is what prompted me to start selling. I was asked to by these very same folks! I was told that I needed to share and that the Fairies played a role in inspiring my painting. So that was the beginning of Fidgets Fairies. My name translates to Fidget in Fairie, that was a gift from a friend!
    Thanks Cyndi for allowing me to share

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  2. Lerlsway says:

    Reading this was a good thing. I have a unicorn that is with me always. He guides my steps and I trust his judgement. Kir’in is not a ‘horse’ unicorn. He is a ‘true’ unicorn: Much more like a stag. I am blessed that he chose me and I do my best to live up to that honor.

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  3. Leila says:

    I would really like to see the fairy statues. Do you have a web address?

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