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All That is Hidden Will Be Revealed by Edwin Harkness Spina

Major revelations in the cycling world hint at what will likely happen in other areas of our society in the near future. Violations long thought to be swept under the rug have been brought to light and the community is learning to move on after much shock and disappointment. As was long ago predicted, “All that is hidden will be revealed.”

On October 10th, the US Anti-Doping Agency submitted their “Reasoned Decision” on whether Lance Armstrong used performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) during the period in which he posted a record 7 consecutive Tour de France wins. They concluded it was “the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sport has ever seen.”

The 1,000-page document (including exhibits) provided overwhelming evidence that Armstrong and his teams used steroids, testosterone, human growth hormone, the blood booster EPO and blood transfusions. The report included statements from 26 witnesses, email exchanges, videos and financial records to document the fraud.

Prior to the report’s release, Armstrong declined to contest the charges, calling it a “witch-hunt.” More likely, knowing that 11 ex-teammates, including one of his closest associates, had testified under oath against him had more to do with his choosing to avoid a public hearing and hope the sport’s governing body would come to his defense.

Unfortunately for Armstrong, twelve days later, the report was accepted by the sports governing body, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). Armstrong was officially stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and banned for life. The UCI President stated, “Lance Armstrong has no place in cycling.”

Major sponsors of Armstrong-Nike, Anheuser-Busch, Trek Bicycles, Oakley and others-dropped him within days. Shortly after the UCI decision, Armstrong stepped down from his role as chairman of Livestrong, his cancer awareness foundation, hoping to spare it from the onslaught of negative publicity. Preserving Livestrong is a noble goal, as it has inspired millions of cancer survivors.

What’s the Big Deal?

While Armstrong is not the first athlete to cheat (Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, Marion Jones, and others spring to mind), what is shocking is that such “cheating” ever came to light, as doping was widespread during this time and Armstrong’s influence in the sport of cycling was extreme. Any individual who even hinted at disclosing the fraud had his or her career and reputation systematically destroyed:

=> Teammates who did not agree to dope were terminated, including neo-pros who were introduced to doping by the team management.

=> Cyclists from other teams who dared to speak out against doping were bullied by Armstrong during races (captured on video) and forced out of the sport.

=> Wives of ex-teammates were sent threatening text messages by Armstrong directly.

=> Ex-cycling legend, Greg LeMond, the first American to win the Tour de France, had his own contract terminated by Trek Bicycles, an Armstrong sponsor, after questioning some of Armstrong’s results.

=> Journalists who asked embarrassing questions were ostracized by their fellow journalists, who feared Armstrong’s wrath if they sided with the “trolls.”

The entire cycling community lived in abject fear of the power of Armstrong.

Armstrong’s power transcended the sport. Senator John Kerry, an avid cyclist, felt his wrath. According to respected journalist, Selena Roberts, Armstrong tried to use his clout to get 2008 Presidential candidate Obama to come to his Livestrong fundraiser. When a prior Obama engagement conflicted with Armstrong’s wishes, Armstrong emailed Kerry, “If cancer isn’t an issue of concern for the Democratic Party, then we will go into the database of Livestrong, which has millions of people, and let them know where the Democratic Party stands.”

Hope for the truth ever to emerge about Lance Armstrong’s doping seemed slim.

But Armstrong’s hubris and utter disregard for a fellow teammate who initially kept his mouth shut, vis-à-vis his own doping, led to his downfall.

Floyd Landis was initially credited with winning the 2006 Tour de France, until he tested positive for testosterone. He denied it, but was found guilty. He served his suspension and after two years looked for a team to join.

Landis had helped Armstrong win 3 Tours de France. Even the mafia rewards its henchmen who “keep their mouth shut,” but Armstrong did not help Landis.

With no career options, no money and a ruined reputation, Landis had hit rock bottom. So he lashed out and wrote a detailed email to the head of USA Cycling, which he made public, and filed a federal whistleblower lawsuit against Armstrong’s US Postal cycling team.

Landis was angry that, while Armstrong was flying in his own private jet, he was forced to ride substandard bikes. Among his allegations was that the team was selling its top of the line bicycles to finance their drug purchases.

A federal investigation headed by Jeff Novitzky ensued into the misuse of public funds by Armstrong’s US Postal cycling team. There was a light on the horizon.

But then came another setback. The 21-month federal investigation was abruptly terminated. Novitzky was not told of this termination until 15 minutes before it was announced by his boss on a Friday night before the Super Bowl.

It looked like the truth would never see the light of day. But the USADA was not required to prove a federal crime had been committed. They compiled their own overwhelming evidence of doping and the truth was eventually revealed.

Reactions were mixed. Older riders knew the truth about the doping culture that pervaded the sport, and were not eager to have their own indiscretions come out. Fans were shocked and disappointed. Some sponsors withdrew from the sport.

Newer, more advanced drug tests have come into the sport, making is more difficult to cheat. Cycling proponents are calling it a new beginning. Young riders will no longer be forced to dope to compete. A new world is emerging.

While the details of a doping story in the sport of cycling may seem irrelevant to your life, the fact is that everything is related. Numerous prophecies and predictions have stated that sometime in the future, “All that is hidden will be revealed.”

That time is now. As you look at the corruption and decay of existing political, financial, educational, religious and commercial institutions, have faith that those with self-serving agendas, carried out at the expense of others, will soon be revealed.

It may be a small impetus for change that opens the floodgates and lets the truth emerge – a tiny catalyst that sparks a massive awakening and leads to the upliftment of our entire society. Perhaps YOU will be that catalyst.

Best wishes for a mystically inspired life,

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Edwin Harkness Spina is the author of award-winning visionary thriller, Mystic Warrior and Mystic Secrets Revealed. He’s also the developer of Energy Center Clearing and Total Love Immersion. He was also chosen when Evolution Ezine asked for the “best teachers to investigate.”

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All That is Hidden Will Be Revealed by Edwin Harkness Spina, 10.0 out of 10 based on 10 ratings
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4 Responses to “All That is Hidden Will Be Revealed by Edwin Harkness Spina”

  1. Edward Power says:

    Brilliant blog, comprehensive and unstinting, saying much that needed to be said.

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  2. Leila says:

    Thanks for this article. It shows what depths a closed culture can sink to. There are people with integrity in every institution who would help keep the aims of that group of people sincere and in the best interests of everyone. Unfortunately, in most groups these singular voices aren’t given a place whereby they will always be heard and, if need be, listened to.

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  3. Anthony says:

    Great article Ed. When you view what has happened with Lance Armstrong and cycling in general, and what has happened and is continuing to happen with WikiLeaks and all the information that is coming out in every area of society, through the lense of “All that is hidden will be revealed”, you realise that the time is fast approaching where there really won’t be any secrets anymore. We are all being called to be absolutely impeccable with everything that we do, otherwise our lack of integrity will very quickly come around and smack us in the face. Not to punish us, but to show us very simply that being out of integrity is not going to work anymore. We are being guided to a higher way of being and living. In that direction we will find the “keys to the kingdom”.

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  4. Karen Corey says:

    Thank you once again for a wonderul, “just in time” article. I felt this and was really glad I got a universe confirmation. I love all our articles. Blessings.

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