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A Place of New Beginnings by Teri Leigh Teed

Wings of the Dove Cloud




8“To begin the world again, anew, in a new corner of it.” Flora McDonald (1722 -1790), famous Scottish heroine




Moonlight falls softly on the Wateree River, illuminating the quiet, leafy riverbanks and the slow, steady, winding current below the water’s surface.

The herons and hawks are resting, and this tranquil, humanless haven belies the fact that sleeping communities of homo sapiens abound on either side of this bridge linking two worlds.

Twilight Time at the Lake

Just a few centuries before, this community was the site of the first inland European settlement. Pivotal Revolutionary battles have been fought here, and Native American Indian mounds are silent sentinels to the ancient ways. Hunt and steeplechase trails follow the Green Man’s footsteps through the hallowed woodlands of Kershaw County.

Riders in the Mist

The stars shifted in the Heavens in the early part of this year and brought their changing energy to my world. Trusting in Spirit and shaking off the dust from my former world, I gratefully accepted these unknown gifts. A new job and new home manifested within a month’s time, and the wheels of motion continued to usher in their benevolent changes. Even Mercury retrograde could not stop this progression.

In my new world, dreams become reality and thoughts manifest quickly. One minute I am seeing a new opportunity in my mind’s eye, and the next hour or day a person magically appears and the Divine Key is dropped at my doorstep.

The equine community is interwoven within this world, and flows easily among the poets, tinkers and traders. Horses have been a part of my life since childhood when I took my first ride on a marsh tacky in the tidelands of St. Helena Sound.

Blue Twilight at Springdale

Like the river’s course, my life has changed and flowed over and around the hurdles that have come with the opportunities. I’ve come to look at illnesses and obstacles or delays from a new state of awareness. Asking myself, how did I get here and from whence came my thoughts? And asking my angels for help, and acknowledging and accepting their responses.

Gazing upon my new home for the first time, I paused and smiled as I read the inscription on the lintel above the front door: “These small and perishable bodies we now have were given us as ponies to schoolboys.” Once inside these doors, I fell to my knees in prayer and gratitude, for it was as if my dreams and prayers I had held for several years had been answered many times over.

Each day the spirit of this place blesses me as she reveals her treasures to me. Another inscription tucked away in part of the garden, a woodland creature sharing her joy with me, the fairy lights welcoming me home and appearing in my windows at night.

Lilac Smoke Sunset

And like the spirit of this place, my new community continues to reveal itself to me as well. A casting call of characters fit for a best-selling novel. A master cabinetmaker who believes in the power of dreams. A landscaper with native American roots and spirituality. A civic leader who dreams of the Broadway footlights. The effervescent American Legion veterans who invited me to my first Change of Command ceremony at the local Army base. A miller who hosts a philosophy group discussing early American literature.

The landscape inspires me with its “Earth portraits” as I like to call them. Straddling the natural geological fall line of the East coast, the sun’s and moon’s comings and goings mark their time on the ridge that calls this part of the world home.

Twilight in the Pines

Just as my new home, born of a kindred artistic soul, encircles me within its sheltering stillness of pine and oak woods, replete with dancing deer and cooing doves, my angels are ever present and protective, offering solace and renewal. The garden blends softly into the forest’s edge and harbors the sun’s rising and setting over the wisteria and the blueberry bushes.

My first view of the nearby lake was on a Full Moon’s eve, and I watched as the large lunar Goddess slowly rose above the treetops and mirrored herself in the cool, shimmering water below.

Writers are often solitary creatures, and I find my creative, quiet moments sandwiched between the whirlwind of meeting new people and planning for our next event at the office, slowly increasing my involvement in my new community.

Each day is an opportunity to participate in the eternal dance of life and leave our own unique footprint. And so, I find myself taking life by the reins and following the trail of my heart. Just a short drive from my former life, and a world full of hope and dreams away.

Trail of My Heart

“Who has not found the Heaven below
will fail of it above -
For angels rent the House next our’s
Wherever we remove.”

Emily Dickinson


Teri Leigh Teed

I was born in Columbia, South Carolina, the Deep South, and have always enjoyed creating art. As a child, art came naturally to me through drawing, painting, writing poems and stories, needlework and dance. And living in a state blessed with an abundance of natural beauty instilled in me a love of nature and animals.

After graduating from college and spending almost twenty years working in the corporate arena, I needed a change. Somehow during that time I felt I had lost touch with that creative side of myself. So I sat down and wrote a list of things I enjoyed and what I’d really like to do. I’d always loved history, antiques and art, so I applied to Sotheby’s in London and was accepted.

Moving to London on my own and studying at Sotheby’s for a year, and then remaining another year to obtain a master’s degree in decorative/fine art and historic architecture from the University of Buckingham, helped me to remember my artistic roots. Living and traveling abroad reconnected me to that creative passion, which had long since become an ember.

I’ve always had a fascination with vintage cameras and films, so moving into photographic art and combining this medium with writing seems a natural progression of my career from the business world to the art world, in essence a full circle for me.

It is my profound belief that there are many mystical places on our wonderful planet that possess the power to heal, to reconnect to us our right balance physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Sometimes the seemingly ordinary, seen in detail or in a different light, can open us to the possibilities that surround us. We need only to open our hearts and minds, and our eyes will find them.

In my childhood, walking through the marshes of my home state and visiting the Blue Ridge Mountains at the ends of summers brought this serenity to me. My sincere hope is that these personal stories and artwork will help you find your own inner peace, and perhaps bring a remembrance of who you are.

To view more of my stories and artwork, please visit www.healingspiritart.com.

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A Place of New Beginnings by Teri Leigh Teed, 9.6 out of 10 based on 11 ratings
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4 Responses to “A Place of New Beginnings by Teri Leigh Teed”

  1. Kristen says:

    stunning work! thank you for sharing!

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  2. Leila says:

    Hi Teri, I have enjoyed both of the articles I’ve read of yours in this e-zine. I like your emphasis on the liquid mediums of sky and water for your photos. They’re very atmospheric. Thanks.

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  3. Neil says:

    Beautiful,I especially love the Emily Dickinson poem.The photography is lovely.

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  4. Tere says:

    There is a lovely harmony between your photos and your writing, both of which feel very peaceful and content. Thank you so much for sharing your true self.

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