"How To Be Wildly Wealthy Fast" – a Book Review by Nikki Morgan

"How To Be Wildly Wealthy Fast" – a Book Review by Nikki Morgan

“How To Be Wildly Wealthy Fast” – It really is possible!

If you are not totally in love with your current money situation, then this book is for you! Written by Australian wonder women, Sandy Forster who went from being $100,000 in debt and on welfare as a single mum trying to raise her two children, to becoming a multi-millionaire, without winning lotto!

Rather than being just another ‘get rich quick’ scheme that really only benefits the creator, How To Be Wildly Wealthy Fast  -  A Powerful Step By Step Guide To Attract Prosperity And Abundance Into Your Life TODAY!, holds the keys to achieving financial freedom by completely changing the way you think and feel about money.  Sandy shares the steps that she used to change her life from living with enormous money struggles to living the life of her dreams.

We all know that abundance is not simply about money. Yet money is important in everyone’s life, and this is a wonderful book for anyone who is facing a money challenge, or who simply wishes to create greater financial security. A fabulous mix of practical ideas and spiritual tools for increasing money flow now“. Neale Donald Walsch

I knew I needed to change my mindset about money after making many silly choices in the past and knowing the feelings of fear, anger and frustration about why I was struggling financially. This was the book that finally provided me with so many practical tools to help me stop focusing on the lack of money and start putting my energy into positive money feelings, and I have truly experienced a profound shift. Instead of burying my head in the sand and just hoping all my problems would just disappear, I gained the courage to face the mess I had created, find workable solutions and start taking steps to create my dream life. I am continuing to grow and nurture my love and respect of money with the greatest of pleasure, simply because having money is fun! Saying ‘yes’ to life’s possibilities is so much more enjoyable than saying ‘no’.

If you are ready to accept more wealth into your life now for your own good and that of everyone around you, this is the book for you! Every single chapter gives you more insight into how you can be blocking the flow of abundance in to your life and then provides fabulous tips or tools that make you completely change the way you respond and react to money. In this extraordinary book, you will discover….

The ONE thing you may do every week that could be blocking your abundance

  • How to QUADRUPLE the speed with which you draw money to you
  • How to free up the energy you hold around money, so that more flows to you
  • A 3 minute exercise you can do at the end of each day to make you more magnetic to ALL the good things in your life
  • How to turn yourself into a Money Magnet – easy strategies you can use daily
  • The 10 second Money Miracle and so much more!

We all have the power to create our perfect life, sometimes we just need a little help to get us on our way. Financial struggle is a painful existence that benefits no-one. This is your chance to stop dreaming and start experiencing the easy, fun and effortless way to experience the joy of unlimited prosperity. If you yearn for financial freedom, then please order your copy today. This book is truly amazing and powerful, and your life will be transformed forever!

Wishing you peace, joy and prosperity!

Nikki Morgan is a Natural Therapist, EFT Coach, Author and Blogger at wonderfullywomen.com.


Cyndi’s Comment: I learned about Wildly Wealthy Fast on Nikki’s website and I immediately went to Amazon and ordered a copy of the book.  So far I have read it through one time and have gone back and am now reading it – and implementing the ideas – more slowly.  I love this book because it really feels like Sandy has been there, and if she can become Wildly Wealthy so can I.  She has motivated me to take some steps I wouldn’t normally take and she is now in my head, reminding me, its about what I do everyday that counts.  Our road to becoming Wildly Wealthy isn’t (for most of us) about finding a quick fix scheme.  It’s about developing a wealthy mindset through fun daily habits and about moving forward – and celebrating along the way.

I am more motivated than ever before to move into a space where all of my decisions are made from love and not from a sense of lack – and I invite you to do the same.  The more of us that make the commitment to becoming Wildly Wealthy the better and if you are game we can figure out ways to do it together :-) .  Let us know if you have already read the book, if you are planning on reading it, or if you just want us to continue to share ideas from this book or others on ways we can all move into greater and greater prosperity.  Together we can do so much more than any one of us can do on our own.

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