Staying Centered During a Rapid Transformation by Joel Bruce Wallach

Staying Centered During a Rapid Transformation by Joel Bruce Wallach

Staying Centered – How can I stay centered in this time of rapid transformation?

If you are responding to events in an overly-emotional way, then your aura is probably picking up the signals from other people — people in your life, and the collective energy of humanity as well.

And naturally, you are influenced by your very own thoughts and feelings. When you consider this combination — the external influences from people, and your own turbulent sea of emotional reactions — you have quite a collection of emotional vibrations that you may be affected by.

The emotional vibrations you psychically receive — from others, and from yourself — can generate a feedback loop of nervous energy. Here is how that feedback loop works:

- Your body and mind become excessively referenced to your over-excited aura.

- Your aura is already filled with your own nervous patterns, and with chaotic energy patterns from other people.

- This aura chaos makes the body feel scared.

- The scared feeling in the body then makes the mind feel scared.

- And the over-stimulated mind generates nervous thoughts, which make the body feel tense.

- And the aura picks this up, and continues the feedback loop.

- And the feedback loop continues, on and on and on.

What to do? How can you shift from the habit of nervous reaction, to a more centered response to life?

Fortunately, there is an alternate balanced reference signal deep in your body that holds the centered vibration of peace and serenity. However, unless you are consciously accessing this deeper place, it is easily hidden by the noisy turmoil signals from the world — and the nervous signals from your own self. But does this mean that you have to avoid the world? There is a spiritually healthy alternative.

When you learn to notice your inner chattering dialogue, without getting stuck in it, then you can bring your attention to the real peace that exists even deeper — within the core of your body. You learn to listen to the authentic dialogue of your inner self — your inner cosmic conversation of sound and light and harmony — taking place deep in your body.

You distinguish your true inner vibrations from the outer chatter received by the aura. When you have reached the deeper peace within your core, then the dialogue changes in your mind as well, and the aura naturally reflects this, becoming smoother. This creates a new healthy feedback loop.

The healthy feedback loop between your core, your mind, and your aura helps to give you a centered, integrated feeling. You gradually learn to experience the living communion between your body, your aura, your mind, and your emotions. You discover that you can link all these levels of the self to your core — your true divine essence.

Of course, when you start to explore this, you might only notice the chaotic chatter. That is natural. Know that the deeper peace is quieter, and more subtle. It is deep within you. Do not judge yourself as you explore this. Take it one day at a time. Let yourself gently explore the realms deep within you.

At first, it will seem that you are just imagining the deep core presence. That is OK, because you need to practice using your imagination, anyway. Imagination is the link between where you are now, and the realm of your balanced and integrated self. Let your imagination of your deep core help you access it. Gradually discover the living presence of your deep inner essence, and let it nurture you.

Throughout this discovery process, notice your chatter, but do not judge it. This itself is a profound realization — that you can notice something without judging it. In time, you will detect the subtle and deep inner peace that lives deep within you. For now, though, just know that it is there, awaiting you.

You have choice in this matter, because you can learn to choose where you place your attention, and this helps you consciously choose a centered response. Blaming the world doesn’t help, nor does blaming yourself, because blame only worsens your dramatic reactions. You can learn to notice things, without denying them, and without judging them as wrong.

When you practice daily step-by-step methods to distinguish between your inner authentic voice, compared to the nervous chattering voice, you will realize — with a smile — that you really do build your inner strength with such a simple thing as choosing where you place your attention.

And this is a liberating key that unlocks the riddle of how you can stay centered, amidst all the transformations that are happening on the planet.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

Founder, Cosmic-Living – personal consultations and home-study mp3′s  Find out more at

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  • I loved your post but I have a question. You say that the aura picks up and holds the nervous chatter. I always thought of it more as a filter, not a sponge, something that doesn’t absorb the negativity around us. Doesn’t the aura protect and support us, as opposed to holding onto the crap around us?

  • Some things stick “karma”, some pass on through… is my understanding. Daily, we should clean our auras by setting an intention to do so – sweep with your hands, blow with your breath, and so it is. Always, choose love and kindness. xo M

  • Susie: the Aura is also an antenna that picks up everything around us. Had that feeling of being watched and confirmed it? You felt the energy of another. Energized by some people and drained by others? Same thing. Clean your aura and space after draining encounters or when around those in anger, frustration, etc. and you will experience less stress for yourself. It is like putting away the ‘heavy metal’ at a scale of 9 out of 10 and listening to the sounds of nature: nurturing, relaxing, calming, and centering. How? just visualize the space around you clean and clear out as far as the outer-most layer of your aura (18 inches to arms-length). Do that whenever you have that much spapce around you, and pretty quickly you will notice the difference. Enjoy.

  • Thank you for the beautiful article!
    I just have a query related to my aura.
    I have noticed that often I get disturbed by suffering of people around me, be it close family members, or servants.
    And it is to such an extent that, I fear to say some suggestions to the maid, even when I notice bad quality of work.
    Please suggest me some remedy so that I become strong, and be practical in my behavior. I have done my second degree of reiki training. Please suggest how can I help myself.

    Thank you,

  • Thank you for putting into into words this way. I’ve been helping my clients do exactly this by going into hypnosis (I’m a hypnotherapist), and accessing their own inner wisdom. I also teach self-hypnosis which a lot of people find much easier than meditation to access this inner core.

  • Thanks for your article Joel. I usually attempt to place my attention in the now but now I think about what you said it makes sense that attention needs a place in space too.

  • Great questions and inspiring comments!

    - Your aura can only protect you if you are mindfully owning and inhabiting your body-mind-aura-soul.

    - When you access your inner essence, include it in your body-mind-soul awareness.

    - Make essence a component of your consciousness, rather than a place to escape to.

    - Choose to include your physical body in your awareness, especially when you are accessing subtle realms like soul and aura.

    - When you access your aura, always keep your awareness grounded in your body.

    - Feel all these levels of self referencing each other — aura is grounded by body, and body is within the light of your aura.

    - To really take this to the next level, weave all these levels of self together.

    - To learn more about self empowerment, explore the mp3s on the Cosmic-Living site:

  • Hi Vijaya,

    apart from the reasons already mentioned, this seems to me a basic character trait. Due to an overly strong Eart Element in their chart, some people are unable to draw a boundary between them and the environment/other people’s issues. While it is commendable not to hurt s.b.’s feelings, we also have to protect ourselves and should not give away our power. Give yourself the same respect and love and consideration that you give other people. Everybody is on his/her own way – you can’t solve other people’s life issues, but you can stand up for yourself and by that give the other person an example of honouring yourself. You can do Reiki treatments on yourself and look into BACH Flower remedies to help you on this way. Kind regards…Ina