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9 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Intuition (and not know it!) by Angela Artemis

A reader once wrote to me and asked, “Can we lose our intuition?”

To which I replied, “No, but we can do things that block our intuition.”

We’re all born with the equipment to be intuitive. And, we’re constantly receiving information about our environment in this way. If you’ve ever felt someone staring at you and then looked up to see that someone was gazing at you – you’ve experienced being intuitive.

You’ve had lots of intuitive experiences.

Remember the time you were thinking about your grandmother just when you were opening your mailbox and found that she’d sent you a card? Or the time you had an inexplicable feeling that something was wrong with your child? No sooner had the thought cross your mind when the school nurse called to say your child was sick.

Your intuition is an invisible antenna that picks up what is going on around you even when you’re not aware of it. If you’d like to hear your intuition more often all you need to do is stay open and create the intention to become consciously aware of it. But, there are a few pitfalls that I’d like to warn you about.

9 Intuition Blockers that shut out intuitive wisdom:

Beliefs -

If you believe you’re not intuitive, that it won’t work for you or that it can’t possibly give you the answer to a certain problem – you’re right – it won’t. You have to deal with your true beliefs about intuition before they sabotage your efforts at developing and using intuition. Use a positive affirmation such as: I am open to hearing my inner voice.


When you’re attached to an outcome you block your intuition. Attachment places tremendous pressure on you to hear your intuition—and for it to be the answer you seek. Attachment leads to tunnel vision where you exclude anything that isn’t what you want to hear. The answer to this is to let go and be open to other solutions. When you’re detached the answers will come.

Impatience -

If you have to solve a problem immediately you’re also unlikely to hear your intuitive voice. Intuition works best in the environment of a relaxed mind. If you’re under a deadline and need to put an end to some situation by dealing with it quickly the best thing you can do is take a walk and think about something else. Natural surroundings calm you down so that the intuitive answers can surface.

Clutter  -

There’s an old saying in Feng Shui, “If your feet hurt – clean out the basement.” A cluttered space weighs on your mind reducing the chances of having an intuitive flash. A space that needs cleaning out and organizing will distract you and pepper you with guilt about ignoring the mess. Deal with the clutter in your space and you’ll also remove the mental clutter that can block your intuition.

Stress -

When you are continually rushing, or multi-tasking your mind isn’t at rest. Your to-do list is front and center at all times creating so much mind-traffic that your intuition has few opportunities to get your attention. The best medicine for stress is meditation. Learn to relax by meditating and you’ll open your intuitive channels.

Lack of practice -

Reading articles and books is fine but, the way to become more intuitive is through practice. The best athletes are the best because they practice more than anyone else. The same goes for intuition. If you want to be really good at something you’ll make the time to practice. Start with simple exercises such as guessing who is on the phone without looking at the caller identification.

Ignoring the whispers -

Many people ignore their intuition and upon realizing they made a mistake by doing so say, “I knew it! Why didn’t I listen?” The more you ignore your intuition the less it will surface. When you ignore your intuition what you’re saying is, “These thoughts are not important to me so I don’t need to be made aware of them.” Pay attention and take action on your intuitive hunches and you’ll turn up the volume of your intuitive voice.

Lack of trust -

Lack of trust in following your intuitive guidance comes from inexperience. The only way to get over not trusting your intuition is to follow your intuition and take action upon it. Start with small decisions that won’t seriously impact your life if you’re wrong. After you have a few successes it will become much easier to trust your intuition.

Inability to differentiate between the intuitive voice and that of the ego -

Intuition comes to us as a complete idea. It’s not linear like thinking is. These complete ideas are also very clear and devoid of emotion. They feel rather “neutral.” Thoughts emanating from the ego are concerned with being right, not getting hurt and have an element of fear tied to them.

The next time you’re unsure of which voice you’re hearing ask yourself how you would deal with the situation if you were completely unafraid of failing? That usually identifies the intuitive solution and, tells you if your ego was trying to pose as your intuition.

Becoming aware of what can trip you up is just as important as learning how to tune into your intuition. The next time you find it difficult to hear your intuitive voice go through this list to see what’s blocking your intuition.


Angela Artemis, author of “The Intuition Principle: How to Attract the Life You Dream Of,” is on a mission to teach readers around the world to “speak intuition” so that they unlock all the brilliant potential that resides within and start living the life of their dreams now—not later. Her popular website, Powered by Intuition, is a rich source of information for readers wishing to learn how to use their intuition to create happy, successful and fulfilling lives. Visit Powered by Intuition to subscribe and receive a FREE e-Course: 7 Days to Sharper Intuition - here


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3 Responses to “9 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Intuition (and not know it!) by Angela Artemis”

  1. AdidaShahab says:

    Thanks for this reminder. I have been trusting my intuition and the inner voice has become very clear.

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  2. Leila says:

    Thanks for this advice about listening to your intuition, Angela. I believe there are many methods as well for improving this sense; like using a pendulum or tarot or runes etc. Do you know of any others and whether these methods would be a valuable addition to your recommendations.

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  3. Lauren says:

    The more I eliminate how reality occurs for me, the more my intuition opens up naturally and the more I trust it.

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