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5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Yourself by Linda Paull

Most of us think we are excellent authorities on ourselves and what motivates us to behave the way we do. I’m sure you think you make good decisions based on sound logic. You probably also think you know what’s best for your body. Well, I’m here to tell you today that you are wrong, wrong, wrong. Our bodies and minds and how they are connected to the universe is one the biggest mysteries known to man and just to let you in on the vastness of this mystery, I am giving you a couple of samples. Enjoy.

1. You Don’t Really make Decisions Based on Logic

Despite the fact that we like to think of ourselves as intellgent rational beings, the truth is that we don’t really make decisions based on rationality at all.

In fact, scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig used brain scanners to investigate what happens in the human brain just before a decision is made and found that they could predict from brain signals which option participants would take up to seven seconds before they consciously made their decision.

And many neuroscientists such as Anthony Cashmore, Professor of Biology at the University of Pennsylvania, claim that the concept of free will is an illusion.

Sounds creepy? I thought you’d like that.

And here’s another kicker: by the time your conscious mind has made the decision (usually after hours of analysing and deliberation), your sub-conscious had already made it long before and tried to express it to you via your body and feelings. But you just weren’t listening stupid!

So if you are having trouble making decisions, there’s a good chance that you are being too rational. Slow down, do some meditation and contemplate how you feel about something rather than what you think about it. Do you feel drawn to one particular outcome or person? Then that’s the right one.

2. Your Body Can Think For Itself

As you already know, your body experiences reality via the five physical senses with our brain (objective mind) acting as the control room for this. No surprises here, then. But wait! there’s more. We also have what is known as a subjective mind, which has absolute control over all of your internal functions. In fact, it knows exactly at what rate our heartbeat needs to be, when we need to sweat, sneeze and take part in all sorts of other nasty unpleasantries in order to maintain optimal health. It encompasses your whole body, and when not opposed in any way, (i.e. negative thoughts and beliefs about your body infiltrating your system), it regulates your whole body in complete harmony before you have even had time to think about it.

You have all experienced physical sensations such as sweaty palms, nervous twitches or tightness in the stomach when you were nervous about, say, going on a date or going for a job interview. Those were all physical changes that came in response to your emotions and triggered an appropriate physical reaction via your sub-conscious.

It’s really important to understand this as this also explains things like why a tumor starts to grow rapidly if the patient is always preoccupied with worry and fear about it.

So it’s not really the apple a day which keeps the doctor away. It’s more likely to be a good session of deep meditation that explains his or her absence.

3. Your Five-Year-Old Self Controls Most of Your Thought Processes

When we started out life as a kid, it was kind of like driving a car on a windy road. When life threw us challenges that our child-brain wasn’t able to understand or deal with (by challenges, I mean things that simply felt bad), we had no other option but to try to avoid them. Sounds logical, doesn’t it, I mean what else is a 5-year old supposed to do?

But while we were avoiding these potholes, we inadvertently created neural pathways in our brains which provided the blueprint for how we were going to deal with the same problem in the future. But we have since grown up and now we process things via our logical thought process, right?


What we have collected over the years is a veritable treasure trove of judgements, opinions, avoidance strategies, and just plain unproductive thoughts and beliefs stored deep down in there which are no longer serving you. And just like the driver who likes to drive on autopilot, taking the path of least resistance, we keep finding ourselves continuing down the same well-worn pathways in our minds, which means we keep on running into the same problems and situations in our lives.

Have you ever thought about why you avoid doing things that you really want to do. Maybe you think that you won’t be good at them and this will attract criticism from others (wouldn’t have anything to do with the time your art teacher at school criticised you because your drawing wasn’t good enough, would it?). I could give you a whole bunch of examples here but I’m sure you get the picture.

4. You Actually Are Prejudiced

So you think you’re not racist, sexist or prejudiced in any way? Would you be happy to put yourself to the test in order to find out? If so, click on this link to access what is called the ‘Project Implicit Association Test’

to find out how much hidden bias you have deep in your sub-conscious.

These tests were developed by psychologists at Harvard University, the University of Virginia and the University of Washington and their aim is to challenge the notion that most of us well-meaning, politically-correct people have of ourselves that we genuinely believe that everyone is the same in our eyes.

Now I’m not going to discuss my own results here because I’m a little embarrassed about them, but it does prove one thing to me; my sub-conscious does contain a whole lot of outmoded conditioning and I’m due for an operating system upgrade really soon.

So why do we have these nasty thoughts, anyway?

Again, this all comes back to things we learned as a child. If we grew up in families that operated under limited belief systems (and let’s face it, that’s nearly all of us), this affects our beliefs now. An even bigger culprit is media and television, which literally bombards us with subliminal messages. Just try to name all of the films you have seen (the Godfather ?) which portray very stereotypical images of certain ethnics groups. BTW. I actually love The Godfather.

5. We Are Actually Connected

I don’t just mean you and me especially. I mean you and literally everyone around you. How? through our unconscious minds of course….Ok, so you probably already were aware of that one. But just to remind you of this vitally important fact, I’m going to leave you here with a video. Watch and remember and catch you in the next post.


Linda is certified NLP practitioner and owner of the popular mindset blog http:subliminalmindprogram.com. You can download a free copy of her e-book, ‘How Your Sub-coscious Mind Works’ by clicking here: http://subliminalmindprogram.com/freedownload/

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9 Responses to “5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Yourself by Linda Paull”

  1. Anthony says:

    1. To generalize and presume that we as a whole, each and everyone of us, do not really make decisions based on rationality is foolish. Moreover, that statement in itself is implicitly misleading. That statement proposes and suggests the idea that there is absolutely no underlying order to our behavior whatsoever, that we essentially act from a position of chaos. Furthermore, although many of us may presume that we understand reason in itself, that underlying reason is sometimes indefinitely unattainable. Therefore in such a position, many people will substitute another completely valid idea for the actual reason itself, still of course ignorant to the real reason behind their action or decision. Your statement, however, is not incorrect but simply misleading. It merely appears that each and everyone of us do not actually make decisions based on rationality.

    2A. The second statement is, also in a sense, somewhat misleading. You shift the reader’s attention away from an important matter just under the surface, to the common understanding that negative thoughts and beliefs oppose optimal health. More importantly, not only is optimal health opposed by negative thoughts and beliefs, but such thoughts and beliefs oppose everything, aside from destruction for that matter. Negative thoughts and beliefs oppose life itself.

    On the other hand, positive thoughts and beliefs oppose destruction and support creation, however, positive and or negative are both strictly related to personal perspective, or a personal point of view. What may be positive to one may be negative to another, just as “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”

    In spite of your effort, you should have proposed the question: which thoughts and beliefs are truly my own?

    Negative thoughts and beliefs are NOT your own! Although they can SEEM natural, negative or destructive thoughts and beliefs are UNNATURAL!

    I am sure that we can all agree on the idea, where the essence of our being is that of a creator.

    Well then, why is it so easy to assume negative, or destructive, thoughts and beliefs?

    Negative thoughts and beliefs are easy to assume because, in the present moment, destruction SEEMS natural, therefore destruction SEEMS easier than creation.

    This was all by design, whether it was directly intentional or not.

    The chief cause of this happening is capitalism, consumerism, materialism, or the excessively promoted consumption. Unfortunately, life has become a business of sorts, whereby the very space inside your head, your consciousness, your attention, is the top commodity!

    But we all know that, for any business to be successful to any extent whatsoever, first, the idea of scarcity must be produced, and second, the idea must be accepted and then embraced.

    Furthermore, destruction is necessary for creation wherever and whenever space is limited. For that reason alone, such negative thoughts and beliefs, or destruction itself, APPEARS to be somewhat natural — that is if space is truly limited!

    If your external space, and especially internal space even, at least appears to be limited, it then becomes super easy to assume negative thoughts and beliefs; it becomes easy to assume destructive behavior.

    On a side note, if the external and internal are interconnected, as I would presume, you wonder why the space programs have become limited, if not shut down entirely; as the ‘limits’ of external space increase, so shall internal space, and vice-versa.

    As above, so below; as below, so above.

    There are no limits, as all limits are man-made conceptions.

    Thus open your mind!

    Become a creator instead of a consumer.

    2B. According to your claim, personally, I feel that any thought or belief, whether positive or negative, will support something similar to itself — self-perpetuation. Just as life altogether is self-perpetual, everything contained therein must be self-perpetual. For example, even positive thoughts and beliefs that a tumor will dissipate shall, in fact, cause that tumor to grow rapidly.

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  2. Anthony says:

    If you respond, please do so to my email: anthony_falez@hotmail.com

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  3. Leila says:

    Thanks for your interesting article. I would like to know whether you think it is possible to raise a child without them forming negative beliefs that will later impact their lives negatively. It seems to me that the child would have to have a guardian who was able to be there for the child throughout their childhood. This guardian would have to be willing and able to answer questions and help the child to solve problems that appear to the child in a way that satisfies the child. If they were not able to be there all the time they would have to have such a connection with the child that the child would be able to access the guardian’s wisdom either through imagination or at a later time in person.

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  4. Since all negative thoughts come from a break in your energy circuitry, this really needs to be looked at further. Your beliefs create your thoughts, your thoughts create your feelings and your feelings create your behavior. So where do making your decisions fit in?? They are choices based on how your feel usually, and think, therefore, on what you believe. According to the original article, if your subconscious has already made up your mind before you confirm it verbally or in writing, then that decision must be made based on the core of what you belief – whether you know it or not. We believe what we do for many reasons – usually misinterpretation of others behaviour and owning other people’s “Stuff”. Adults are children’s teachers in many ways – sometimes not the best and sometimes the very best!
    So learn how to release and let go of old negative baggage, plant new seeds of positive thinking and create what you want for your life – say “yes to life” and be responsible for your own well being! Use alternative therapies – they work! Janet – Holistic and Alternative Therapist of Energy Work, Relaxation, Stress, Acupressure and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Peterborough Ontario Canada

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  5. Anthony says:

    In response to Janet’s comment…

    I would agree that such a matter should be discussed, debated, and examined further.

    I am not too sure that I made myself clear enough before, and because it would probably take an entire book to truly express such an idea, to truly express exactly what I mean.

    Foremost, any personal experience whatsoever, can be summed up by perspective. For example, you and I are together at an amusement park. We decide to ride the roller-coaster. We both sit down right next to one another. The ride takes off. Once the ride has finished, one could assume that we both experienced the same thing, something constant, which was the ride itself. Your personal experience of the ride, however, would differ from mine. Each personal experience would be unique, as each experience would heavily depend on perspective. Life in itself is constant, life is the roller-coaster; whereas my personal life, my personal experience, anything and everything that may encapsulate, is determined by perspective, or from a specific point of view. For a lack of better words, any personal experience is determined by whatever single point in space one presently resides.

    “One’s belief creates thought, one’s thought creates emotion, whereby one’s emotion creates behavior. So where do decisions fit in? They are usually based on one’s emotion, thought, and therefore belief.”

    I would disagree with that statement.

    I feel that one can decide what to believe, one can decide what to think, and by doing so, one can therefore develop control over their emotion, and in turn consciously control their behavior. In essence, what was the uncontrolled subconscious mind would begin to shift unto the controlled consciousness. This is what alchemy and mysticism is all about, the pursuit of self-knowledge, and ultimately self-control.

    You must understand that freewill in itself is simply a choice! So choose to be free…

    But at the same time, in a sense, you are right. Behavior is indeed manipulated. Behavior is manipulated, of course, through those mediums you have already mentioned — belief, thought, and emotion. When one is manipulated, one has no decisions and behaves unnaturally. It seems that this is exactly what the world is experiencing on a massive scale.

    In order to experience a productive nature free from manipulation, in order to express our own true essence, we must open up our minds to all possibilities. A progressive perspective is tolerant and fluid!

    “Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless – like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, you put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.” — Bruce Lee

    The answer is self-control, not governments.

    No one person should have authority over another, let alone manipulate them. Manipulation is the lowest of the lows!

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  6. Andre P. says:

    Very interesting read.
    Although nothing new, it is always (mostly..) pertinent to remind us
    that we may think we are logical beings, so they say and teach in school, in society but we react illogically.

    All bad ? Of course not; given that behaviors are determined by previous experiences, beliefs, either ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, emotional responses to what we perceive, it is no surprise that the real root
    of our choices are deep down, in the unconscious mind.. (maybe 95% of all our real motivations).

    Finally, it seems paramount to stay conscious of the ‘facts’ stated in the article. Life is a circus, a play, an illusion; as long as I enjoy the play,I will feel comfortable with whatever happens or what I perceive happens.

    No drama, no dogma, some mind opening, lots of Love; that my game;
    any players?


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  7. Nancy says:

    I find it odd that you would use this video since you think we are all connected.This is a commercial for World Wildlife Fund an organization that supports hunting and is currently pressuring for more non human animal testing.http://wickedwildlifefund.com/index.html
    I agree we are all connected and therefore should be compassionate to all species.

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  8. G.Thomas says:

    Interesting read and comments. Has inspired me to write perhaps alluding to notions I have received from all the above comments. Thank you all and as I do check out your links, I now have more sources of good thoughtful info sites. I do believe that our subconscious beliefs and learning are in fact responsible for most of our reactions; but I also believe as a previous writer commented, that we can (albeit through rational consciousness)decide and choose how and in what direction we proceed and learn and grow and experience this existence that we are perceiving. Go in grace all, and affect good change to those you touch! Regards, G.Thomas

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  9. dammy says:

    i believe our body react to subconsciousness of the physical condition our body is at that particular time before we think. for example u feel cold before u think u are cold, u feel like urinating before u think of urinating so as sleeping etc the body give the response before u think about it.
    where as the conscious mind react to condition such as what u want to do e.g if u want to read, if u want to become rich etc all this are based on free will i.e u think,react or feel, create emotion, behave, and then decide respectively before u believe. this give the response to the body reaction

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