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3 Secrets to Inner Power by Kevin Schoeninger

In this article, we’ll explore three insights that I’ve found absolutely essential to shift from being a victim in life to being an empowered co-creator.  If you’re at all like me, interested in personal evolution, human potential, and spiritual growth, you may find yourself bombarded with Life Secrets, Keys to Success, and the like.  Sometimes amidst the complexity and quantity of information coming at me everyday, I find it necessary to remind myself of the essentials.  You may feel the same way.

While variety is interesting, the essentials are what help us filter complexity and stay on track with what is most important.  So, with that in mind, here are three insights that have guided my work with clients for the past three decades.  I hope you find this presentation a good reminder and an inspiration to deepen your personal practice and realize your inner power.  If you’re new to inner work, you may find this a good introduction, as well:

The Three Most Powerful Lessons I’ve Learned

1.  What you experience is the result of what you bring to your experience. Life is an interpretive act.  While we endeavor to grow in consciousness and to see things more clearly, we do not experience things “as they are.”  Instead, we experience everything through the lens of our intentions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, mood, and physical state at the moment.

I want you to take a look at the diagram below and answer this question:

“Which center circle is bigger?”

Circle Test

Figure 1.1 Which center circle is bigger?
(This diagram was suggested by Vilayanur S. Ramachandran and Diane Rogers-Ramachandran in Scientific American Mind, December/January 2007, p. 16)

Does the circle inside the six circles on the left look larger than the circle inside the six circles on the right?

The fact is that both circles are exactly the same size.  The surrounding circles make them appear different.

This graphic illustrates my first point, which we could also describe in these words:

“Context creates experience.”

I call this the Primary Insight.  It is the foundation for understanding how we experience life.  You cannot perceive any isolated thing “out there” apart from your meaning-giving interaction with it.  A figure, the thing that you are looking at in the foreground, always appears within or against a background, the context which gives it meaning and significance to you.

A context is a set of things that lie behind and around an object
that enable you to perceive it in a certain way.

Both of those center circles were the same size, yet you experienced them as different sizes because of the contexts in which they appear.

The next realization: All our life experiences are like that.

Everything appears to you the way that it does
because of the meaning context within which you perceive it.

In other words, what you bring to life determines the experiences you have. Your intentions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, sensations, needs, desires, learning, inheritance, and environmental conditions all play a role in what you perceive.  These are the small circles around the center circle, which is your life experience at any given moment.

You have probably heard this many times in many ways.  Nevertheless, it’s likely that at certain moments you forget.  When you forget this, it’s likely that you experience tension, conflict, and resistance.

While you may know this concept in your mind, it is another to practice it in all areas of your life.  You may master it in one aspect of your life or in one or more relationships, while finding it more difficult in another area of your life or in a particular relationship.

You can practice regaining this insight whenever you experience tension, frustration, or conflict, by asking yourself the following question:

What role am I playing in this situation?

Asking that question shifts you away from blaming or judging others or circumstances.  You take responsibility for your side of the equation.  That doesn’t mean that others or circumstances don’t play a role.  It simply means that you have a responsibility for your side of every situation.  How much conflict could be avoided or resolved with that simple realization?

Secondly, the way you are interpreting things makes a huge difference.  You do not see things “the way they are”; you see them from your perspective at the moment—and your perspective can easily change.

For example, have you noticed that when you are relaxed, well-rested, and have a positive outlook, good things tend to happen?  And when you’re tired, stressed, and overwhelmed more negative and overwhelming things seem to pile up?  I’ve noticed when I am tired and feeling like “I have to do it all” more people ask me to do things.

When you really understand this first insight and take it to heart, it leads you to a second point:

2. You can shift your life experiences by shifting your inner state.

When you realize the role you play in the experiences you are having, you may get motivated to play that role better.  You may develop a strong desire to create positive shifts in your inner state to create positive results in your life.  You can do this in any number of ways, from self-observation, to meditation, to affirmations, to physical exercise, to dietary supplements, to actively listening and communicating better, to taking up a sacred mindset by acknowledging your relationship to the Universal Life Force, to seeing all things and every being as an expression of the One Life that we all share.

Having practiced all of the above for the past three decades, I’ve found one practice that creates profound shifts on all four dimensions of my being: body-heart-mind-spirit.  That practice is Core Energy Meditation™.  If you have the “Raise Your Vibration” program, you have a full exploration of this practice as it relates to the Law of Attraction

Core Energy Meditation™ incorporates physical cues to relax and align your posture, along with deep breathing, inner smiling, and visualization and feeling of your three primary energy centers to create a state of strong, positive, clear and coherent energetic vibration.  I call this a Core Energy State (CES).

The more you become familiar with this state, the more you practice it, the more it becomes a consistent background for all your life experiences.  Your background state strongly influences what you experience in the foreground of your consciousness.  Remember from the earlier diagram that the “figure” you see is strongly shaped by the “background” against which it appears.

Becoming familiar with a CES also makes you more sensitive to times when you are not experiencing that.  You more easily recognize when you are caught up in reactivity, tension, and unnecessary drama.  Through consistent practice over time, a CES becomes a clear, relaxed, background presence that you can return to whenever you get caught up in stress or lost in the tangles of life.

Personally I’ve found Core Energy Meditation™ to be a lifelong practice that refines with each year that I work with it.  You may find that, when you first start practicing, you have certain energy centers that are more open and clear.  At first, your energy flows smoothly in some areas of your body and not in others.

Wherever you’ve had injuries or store past tensions and unresolved traumas in your body, your energy will be congested in those spots.  By practicing a calm accepting attitude as you become aware of your inner tensions, you facilitate release.  Through meditation, you learn that while you have had trauma and tension, these do not define who you are.  Though you have thoughts and feelings running through you, these also, do not define who you are.  Though you get caught up in stress, it doesn’t have to rule your life.

You learn instead that you are an energetic presence who can inhabit anything—any intention, thought, feeling, action, place, relationship. . . How would your life be different if you lived from that understanding?  You are an energetic presence who can inhabit anything you choose.

This brings us to the third essential point:

3. You have an authentic life path which is your unique contribution to the One Life that we all share.

You are here with purpose.  You are not here to do anything at all, but to engage in certain things that you are particularly gifted to share.  On a spiritual level, you are part of an infinite field of unlimited possibilities.  Here in this body, in this life, you have some very specific things that are yours to do.

When each of us do what we are here to do, we all benefit.  Your authentic path is not just for you.  It is your service to “Us.”  It is what you add to the whole.  You are specially resourced and situated to express specific talents, insights, skills, and gifts.  Your authentic path is Life acting through you in the best way possible.  Your inner power is really not “yours” at all, it is the power of Life moving through you.

Each of us is here to fully express our unique perspective and to support others to do the same.

When you choose that which is authentic for you, your life unfolds with greater meaning and purpose as well as greater ease, health, and happiness.  That doesn’t mean that your authentic path is without pain and struggle.  Yet it is how you relate to these things, the awareness you gain, what you learn, and the way that you deal with any experience that makes all the difference.

The more you learn to dis-identify with your pain and struggle, your life history and negative conditioning, the more you release those imprints from your consciousness.  As a result you open to receive the support, guidance, resources, and opportunities that are available to you every moment.  Life is always working with you every step of the way.

You can look at these three essential points as a three-step process.  Try this out whenever you feel tense, negative, or just “off track” from “who you are.”  Ask yourself these three questions to activate inner power in any situation:

1.  How am I contributing to this experience?

2. How can I let that go and relax my inner state right now?

3. What is my most authentic response, the response that is best for all, in this situation?

I call these steps the 3Rs: Recognize, Release, and Return.  Recognize what you are doing, release your attachment to that, and return to your Core Energy, to your most authentic response.  This is a life-long practice that will empower you to expand into your fullest potential.  Enjoy!

If you’d like to learn more about a comprehensive practice to help you tune into your body, heart, mind, and spirit, check out: Core Energy Meditation

Copyright 2010 Kevin Schoeninger


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  1. Dean says:

    Great article Alan. I especially like the way you talk about our background state and how it influences what we will experience on a more conscious level. Core energy meditation sounds interesting and worth practice, there are so many different techniques out there sometime I wonder which one to try first!!

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  2. Dean says:

    Sorry I meant Kevin….lol..I was just reading Alan’s article as well…sorry Kevin…great article!!

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